Review und Test of the D-Link DNS-325 ShareCenter Shadow – First Pictures

D-Link DNS-325 A few days ago i’ve written about the announcement of the D-Link DNS-325 “ShareCenter Shadow”. I was lucky and got the DNS-325 a few days before the release (which is today). So i made a few pictures which i wanted to share with you.
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Installation of wget on fun_plug 0.5 for CH3SNAS, CH3MNAS, DNS-323 and many more

wget for fun_plug 0.5

This tutorial is deprecated and should only be used with fonz fun_plug 0.5!
Please check the tutorial page for updated tutorials on this topic!

What is wget?

Wikipedia says the following about wget:

GNU Wget is a simple and powerful computer program that retrieves content from web servers, and is part of the GNU Project. Its name is derived from World Wide Web and get, connotative of its primary function. It currently supports downloading via HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols, the most popular TCP/IP-based protocols used for web browsing.

Its features include recursive download, conversion of links for offline viewing of local HTML, support for proxies, and much more. It appeared in 1996, coinciding with the boom of popularity of the Web, causing its wide use among Unix users and distribution with most major Linux distributions.

Why replace the existing wget?

You may already have a version of wget installed because that was included in busybox , which was installed with fun_plug. But the standard GNU version, however, has a few features which the smaller busybox version doesn’t (such as support for HTTPS or user credentials). This package allows you to use all the features of the standard version.


In this tutorial we assume that the fun_plug 0.5 is already installed on the NAS and that you synchronized Uli’s repository:

ls -al /ffp/bin/wget
funpkg -i /ffp/pkg/additional/net-misc/wget*.tgz
ls -al /ffp/bin/wget

Note that the first ls command will show the original symbolic link from wget to busybox. After installation of the package, ls will show a normal executable program:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 207172 Oct 14 23:46 /ffp/bin/wget

Available commands

Documentation for wget is available at the GNU-Website.