Review und Test of the D-Link DNS-325 ShareCenter Shadow – First Pictures

D-Link DNS-325 A few days ago i’ve written about the announcement of the D-Link DNS-325 “ShareCenter Shadow”. I was lucky and got the DNS-325 a few days before the release (which is today). So i made a few pictures which i wanted to share with you.


A few pictures of the unpacking:

The frontside of the NAS looks really good, brushed front looks really precious. At the back of the NAS you can find the power-plug, a reset-button, the LAN-port, a USB-port, the backup/umount-button and a 40mm cooler:

You need to remove the front of the device to push the harddisks into the device. The HDDs are held by the front-plate though a piece of foam and from the side of the device by brackets:

Some of you already know the DNS-323 or the Conceptronic CH3SNAS which look really similar to the DNS-325. Of course the chips inside are different, but the circuit boards inside have nearly the same outline. In the following pictures, the DNS-325 is on the right:

The DNS-325 is fun_plug compatible, see this tutorial for more information!

If you have any questions regarding the Hardware, just leave a comment!

13 thoughts on “Review und Test of the D-Link DNS-325 ShareCenter Shadow – First Pictures”

  1. I just purchased this DNS-325 Share Center and was disappointed by the lack know how from Tech Support when you call and get help for this device. D-Link dropped the ball with being able to use network back up with the software package, they just throw buggy 3rd party software into the mix and tell the customer they don’t support any of the software leaving the customer in the dark, and D-Link off the hook as far as supporting anything. I just spent a lot of money on the device, it does work OK with Raid1 and I’m able to use it for streaming music, but I expected more from D-link when asking them for help you just get (We Don’t support the Back Up Software) No Tutorials on YouTube nor any good documentation. I’m Kind of Disappointed after spending over $500.00 for this device and 2 Hard Disk’s not good for home use, you need to be a IT person to understand the complicated network instructions in the D-Link Utility Software Package.

    1. Hello Dean,

      I’m not quite sure what is distubing you, but it’s probably the backup software? So what would be a solution for you? Using another Backup Software? I’ve never used the backup-Software so i don’t know if it is good or bad. But D-Link is selling a NAS and not this software. And the NAS is working fine, so i’d simply choose to take another backup-software.


      1. Greetings,

        The Software is not what I expected as a easy to operate software . If you look at the Applications Utility you are given options to either use the (Local Back Up or Remote Back Up,with no easy instructions for how to map the device.

        I contacted Tech Support at D-Link for assistance and was told that I should not use the back up software and to use a 3rd party back up system(Total Recovery) which they do not support, leaving the customer in the dark.

        If they add software to any device, D-link should stand by the paying customer to try to help understand this clunky software make it easier for the customer to use like supplying YouTube Tutorials before releasing the device.. This Interface software is packaged with 3rd party software and then you need to pay the 3rd party for upgrades for back up.

        The Device is working just fine, but I think D-Link should do a better job with instructions and Tech Support .

        1. Dos anyone know if I can use the software designed for the dns-326 on the dns-323? I am particularly interested in the Photo Center App.
          If not, does anyone know of and tried similar software I can use on my dns-323 (running firmware 1.09)

    1. Depends, but generally: No, it’s okay. Of course after a while of heavy load it gets loud. But the cooler switches off below a certain temperature and then you hear nothing.

    2. No I have it backing up my PC and it’s quiet. I just hear a little clicking because the drives are recording data. I just hate the interface because I’m not into Networking this device is not plug and play by any means , complicated networking . I’d go with Drobo but it was kind of pricey.

  2. I am streaming music to my PlayStation 3 with no Hiccups I have not tried to stream Movies or Videos. The Device is nice and it works great but I only wish D-Link would get busy and make some YouTube Tutorials on this device , the user manual is not easy to follow for the home user, only if you are an IT person that is into Networking .I’d like to know how to make the most of my D-Link Share Center device.

  3. Update,
    I have the DNS-325 Share Center working and have both of my computers backing up just fine , but D-Link could have made my life much easier by putting new tutorials on their website.

    1. Has anyone actually managed to get the Local Backup application to work? I enter the url of the folder that I want to back up and when I click test, it tells me that the test has failed.
      It’s not the most intuitive of devices in this respect.

  4. Has the new 325 the same fan as the old 320? I ask, because I would buy it, if I can replace the stock fan with silent one. Unfortunately the board of the 320 provided only 5V at the fan connector.

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