Removing the Fonz fun_plug

German version of this tutorialIf you only want to temporarily deactivate fun_plug, simply rename the file fun_plug in the topmost directory of your CH3SNAS, reboot, and you are done.

But there could be cases where you want to completely remove fun_plug. Because the folder containing the fun_plug packages is owned by user root, this folder can only be deleted by root. This can be done by a single rm (remove) command in a PuTTY (ssh) terminal session if you are log in as root. You may want to see this article on root user for information about the special role of the root user.

But let’s assume pessimistically that that doesn’t work because the ssh server is not running or because you have problems logging in as root. Fortunately, the fun_plug script is no owned by root can still be modified by non-root users. This enables a trick to remove the folders without using root privileges: simply add commands for the removal of the fun_plug folder and the fun_plug script to the script itself. These commands will be executed under root privileges during the next reboot.

Note that the folder may be named either ffp or fun_plug.d – depending on the version of fun_plug that you have installed.


You have to download the Script for the Removal here

Installation and execution

Rename the downloaded script to fun_plug and copy it to the NAS in the topmost directory of Volume_1. This will probably overwrite a existing script file fun_plug.

Reboot the CH3SNAS by holding down the power button 5 seconds or via the web interface (Tools -> System -> Reboot). During the reboot, fun_plug will be completely removed.

28 thoughts on “Removing the Fonz fun_plug”

  1. Hi,

    I just tryed the fun_plug scrip to uninstall ffp from mais DNS-321 and it didn’t work.

    The worst part is that I had FFP working here and I was trying to uninstall just to try fix some details with a fresh new installation. Now I just cant remote the old FFP and I also lost the telnet access…

    Any idea on how to revert this things? 🙁

  2. I am trying to upgrade from 4.4.18 (….) to 6.x, but can’t seem to remember any root password whatsoever. If I erase the entire harddisk, does that also remove things like root-password? I do know the password to log into the CH3SNAS user interface. I would really appreciate your comments!

  3. Hello (I’m a newbie and my usual language is french, so i apologize for mistakes)

    I recently installed fun_plug following the tutorial.
    After the first reboot, i could’nt use the root user (password didn’t match – i’m sure of the password i changed during the installation) and now, i even can’t launch a ssh session or a telnet session.

    Please : What to do to resolve it?
    Have a nice day

  4. Hello again

    I just used the script to deinstall fun-plug.
    It works!
    The ffp dir has been removed but nothing changes about the connection to the server trough Putty and SSH or Telnet service.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi
      I’m just trying to get my NAS in original situation with a working root user + telnet and SSH.
      Mediatomb was also not working and it was the main reason for me to install fun_plug.
      So, i’ll try again but i absolutely would like to come at “level 0” again before to do other manipulations.
      I’m sure fun-plug is a good solution but i just want to do “step by step” with a 100% working server. And now, it is not.

  5. Does anyone succeeded in restoring telnet or ssh root’s access to a DNS 320 by removing funplug ?

    Telnet is inactive and my root access return an error :

    “WARNING: Your password has expired.
    You must change your password now and login again!
    passwd: No such file or directory”

    Without any valid user I just can’t change the password and I’m unable to work on my NAS. Can anybody help please ?

      1. sorry,
        1) remove completely ffp
        2) reinstall ffp
        3) apply the procedure about pwconv and passwd
        4) launch puTTy
        Telnet our ssh
        For me it have worked … at the second time (why ???)

  6. I’ve got a DNS-323 that I put the original telnet hack into a couple years back. It stopped working, but I was into other things, and it got forgotten. Now, I’d like to get AFP running. So I got the fun_plug 0.7, deleted the old fun_plug and lnx_bin files (although it tells me that the lnx_bin dir is not empty, though there are not files in there, even hidden ones), and put the 0.7 files in the root of Volume_1. Rebooted, and apparently nothing happens. The files are intact, as far as I can determine. The permissions are 700. Version of DNS-323 code is 1.10. Anybody have an idea where I can go from here without nuking it and starting over?


  7. Tried this on a 320L, as I had an issue where root password was not sticking. This was inherited from another Dlink 320 (not L) as I had copied all data across as a backup, and forgot the funplug directory also went across. When I applied funplug scripts, some files clearly left behind causing this root issue, so I wanted to remove and start again. Anyway, I digress……..

    It didn’t work basically, and also locked out root. Reverse of previous problem, now I can’t get in at all – lol

    There was a solution though, dropped in the original fun_plug and tar.gz file to reinstall it, this unlocked root to blank again, then I just logged in as ssh, and manually used the path locations in the removal script (/mnt/HD/HD_a2) to browse to where fp was and user the rm -Rf ffp command to remove it properly….then started again.

    Now going to try and get rsync working………..

  8. @Ticiano (and anyone else this didnt work for)

    I had to add execute permissions to the script for it to run. To be safe just do:

    chmod 777 fun_plug

  9. Dear all,

    I had installed funplug and was wanted to install twonky server. When I logged in via ssh my password was refused (am sure it´s the reight one). So I tried to remove funplug according the instructions. Wouldn´t work also.

    Can anybody help me out?
    Connecting via telnet or ssh also won´t work anymore

  10. I had installed fun_plug a few months ago, and then didn’t do anything with it. Cam back to it yesterday and was unable to establish a telnet or SSH session (connection refused). Tried to re-enable telnet, but no luck. So I removed fun_plug using the script, and that worked fine. I am unable to connect to my DNS-325 using telnet now – the connection is still refused. I am using firmware 1.04 that I installed to see if that would help. Any ideas? I am not a Linux user.

  11. I’ve succesfully installed fun_plug on my DNS-320L. Everything worked great but I noticed transfer speeds reduced significantly.
    It went from 30-40 MBps down to 10 MBps.
    I’ve removed it again and speeds are back to normal.
    I did have a lot of fun with it however 🙂

  12. My DNS-320l have is very slow download p2p. Its download 100Kbps, Utorrent on desktop download 1,5Mbps, both with torrent 1325 seed and 362 peer. Any idea about this issue? tks

  13. Can a fun_plug installation change permanently the LEDs in a DNS-320. I purchased a used one, the previous owner states that problems had arisen after installing fun_plug and a 2.04 (??) firmware. Now the LEDs flash up during startup and are dead thereafter. The NAS and web interface behave normally otherwise. I could not find any file or directory fun_plug on the harddisk. I ran the fun_plug uninstall script, but nothing changed. I cannot get any connection to the NAS via Telnet or SSH – connection refused. Firmware 2.03 is installed, a reinstallation has not changed anything. Any idea how to get the LEDs working?

  14. It worked! I spent days trying to figure out what was wrong with my NAS! Thank you so much!!!

  15. sorry, i’ve lose my password to access in ssh to my snd 320. there is a method to recover password?

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