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  1. Having an issue with file permissions changing on reboot (for ssh) and subsequently ssh won’t start on reboot as all the files under /ffp/etc/ssh/ change from 600 to 777. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

    1. Apparently it seems that the DNS 345 (and 325) change the file permissions of the /ffp directory on reboot. This *might* be due to my current RAID5 configuration, or could occur with all setups (haven’t tested), and a fix for the SSH daemon can be found here: http://forum.dsmg600.info/viewtopic.php?id=3360

      However, I would like to find a way to disable the changing of file permissions completely. If anyone has run into this issue before and knows of a resolution, please let me know. I will continue to search for answers in the meantime πŸ™‚

    2. Hello ouija,

      This is fixed in Firmware DLINK_DNS345.1.01b06 which i found on the Spanish FTP of D-Link.

      Best Regards,

          1. Excellent, was actually coming back here to report that it is indeed English. However, does it still only report back as version 1.00 in the System Management page of the web interface for you? Just curious…

          2. Strange. I updated the firmware with ftp://ftp.dlink.es/DNS/DNS-345/Firmware/Beta/DLINK_DNS345.1.01b06(1.01.0209.2012)(BETA).zip using Internet Explorer 9 and it hung up at 100% for about 5 minutes then eventually just loaded back to the web interface login and apparently failed the update which is why it was reporting back still as being at F/W version 1.0.

            I then tried the process of installing fun_plug and rebooting the unit, and it then failed to grab the manually assigned IP address that I had configured the unit with prior to the firmware update.

            So, trying not to panic, I plugged the unit into my laptop and configured my NIC to match the IP address that the unit was manually assigned to, and THANKFULLY it managed to resolve the IP address and I then proceeded to login, redownload the firmware again and this time using the latest version of Firefox instead of IE9, the firwmare updated successfully and rebooted without issue. Now it’s reporting back as being at F/W 1.01 and is properly grabbing the assigned IP again.

            WHEW! Not sure if it was an issue due to a partially downloaded or corrupted F/W file or something to do with IE9, but thankfully I managed to get the unit back to working condition again. Now to setup fun_plug!

            Btw, does fun_plug 0.7 have any significant improvements or performance gains over 0.5? Just curious if I should stick with the older version or go for the newer one. I see that the actual tarball of 0.7 is almost 4 times the size of 0.5 and am curious as to what new features and improvements it brings.

            Thanks again, and kudos for having such an awesome website with a wealth of information needed to turn these units into some of the greatest little machines I’ve ever used!

    1. Also note that you need to install libgcrypt-1.5.0-arm-1.txz and libgpg-error-1.10-arm-1.txz from slacker / fonz’ repo for LFTP to work πŸ™‚

    1. Was transferring fairly quicker than the DNS 343 unit of mine today — averaging about 40-60mb/s. And it should, given it has 3 times the clockspeed and 4 times the ram πŸ™‚ My favorite pick of NAS unit at present.

  2. I bought one for myself.
    I have two computers in My Network which can copy to each other at 110 Mb/s when I copy large files between.
    However, when either of them copies to the d-link 345 they are down to 25-30 MB/s. I have tried both afp and smb. I have four brand new 2TB drives as raid 5.

    I am really considering a ReadyNas instead.

  3. Got myself a unit too!! (Already have a DNS-323) and funplug installed. Love the unit, however the USB transfer is rather slow (don’t know whether it’s because my USB disk is EXT4 as well).

    Just saw the patch for the sshd, which is also troubling me. I won’t go for the Spanish update yet, since the unit is so new that the Singapore website has still to be updated.

    I hope that slim/squeezeserver can run without any problems as that’s what I intend to use the unit for, replacing my aged DNS-323.

  4. I did the updateon my DNS-345 A1, but seems that it braked (updated it throught LAN).

    i can login to the website, but do anything more. someone of you Linux Spec., know how i can put there the old firmware?

  5. I am currently experiencing an issue with this unit forgetting (or not displaying) network shares under the web interface upon rebooting; Anyone else having this issue? The shares still exist, and all I need to do is re-add them again after rebooting to have them appear in the list, but this is really annoying… πŸ™‚ Any help is appreciated.

  6. I have got the same issue
    Just downloaded the latest firmware from d-link , instlled it via lan
    And the webinterface for the NAS management no longer works

  7. I have funplug installed on my DNS345, I keep having my cron jobs just disappear even though I didn’t reboot the DNS345. Upon a reboot a look at the cron list, and everything is OK. I been check several times a day and after day or more the cron jobs that I’ve added just disappear. I look at the system log and the unit has never restarted. Kind of frustrating as this is the main reason of installing funplug.

  8. Has anyone tried using Amazon S3 for backups with the DNS-345? I keep getting a connection error.

  9. Stupid Question, but do you know if the hardware is similar enough to DNS-343 so that I simply install the firmware from this device and get all the latest goodies?


  10. Hi all,

    I’m new to the world of nas and feeling like I have bitten off more than I can chew at the min.

    I have the dns-345 after 5 days of attempting set up I’m getting somewhere but I have an issue using it as a media server. My ps3 finds it no problem and when selected shows ‘Video’ ‘music’ and ‘photo’ however when I select one of them it says cannot access file, it has been deleted from media server (or something to that effect) ftp and upnp are set up. File is refreshed in apps management…. any ideas?


  11. Hello,

    ‘ve got a 327L. Which previous model are comparable to it (ARM CPU) an if yes, is it possible to use the fun plug?


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