Announcement of Ulis repository for fun_plug 0.7

Today i’d like to announce the availability of my packages for ffp 0.7. Since ffp0.7 there is a possiblity to add “sites” where the toole slacker can find packages. It took me a while to create an environment where i can package for ffp 0.7 but now the packages are ready for your usage.


How to add this repository?


The repository can be added quickly using uwsiteloader:

wget -O /ffp/bin/
chmod a+x /ffp/bin/

In the Menu, choose “Uli”:
Ulis site in uwsiteloader


Owner Variant Sitename URL
Uli arm uli rsync://

What can i find in the repository?

As this changes a lot, just take a look into the list here.

24 thoughts on “Announcement of Ulis repository for fun_plug 0.7”

  1. Good jobs on the new repository.

    I like to compile program for my DNS-320, where can I find the ffpbuilder for ffp-0.7?

  2. I think there is a slight problem in ffp/start/, when testing for the existence of ssh_host_ecdsa_key.
    It is tested for in /etc/ssh/, then created in /ffp/etc/ssh/, which leads to a delay in starting the deamon (waiting for user input because the file actually exists).
    Also the check is -f (file exists) – should it be -r (readable).
    I have tweaked my installation to use -r, and it seems to boot OK.

  3. hi uli.
    your work is fenomenal, thanks.

    is there any chance that a package with crontab able to run scripts as other users be available ?

    the thing is that if y cron a script to rsync stuf , i can not access that backup via samba, and so i would like to be able to run scripts as a samba user

  4. +1 to Sean’s comment. I just got 0.7 running on my DNS-323 yesterday and would love to have some of these packages for OABI.

    Either way, great work with all of this!

  5. Could I install this on a Conceptronics’ CH3HNAS Box, and access the Repositories?
    Or is this like the Fonz stuff that’s just not compatible?

  6. Hi Uli
    Is there any way to get the python-dev package for python 2.7 in ffp? I can find no way to install this onto my NAS (Zyxel NSA325), and it would be a massive help as it would immediately enable full installation of SABnzbd amd Sickbeard which partially install but do not fully work as they need python-dev to compile the add in C modules which enable extra features like SSL in SABnzbd etc.

    1. Hi Martin,

      the python packages in the repositories include the development libraries i think. Did you try the packages?

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Uli
        Thanks or the teply. Yes, I have installed the ones in repository, but none include python-dev tools, so are all missing Python.h headers etc included in the python-dev package. It would be a really great addition as I cannot install yenc or ssl modules on sabnzbd and it make sick beard a problem as the news readers rely on one of the python c modules. Any help would be most appreciated or of you can point me in the right direction for manual install?

  7. Hello,

    I Have a problem with this :/
    I click Ok and Ok and after, i havn’t selection page and i see “Selection Aborted, program exit without modification to /ffp/etc/funpkg/sites

    Any ideas ?


  8. Hi. When trying to install uwsiteloader the following error ensues. “wget: unable to resolve host address `’ ”
    http:// up and running?

    1. Hi d r,

      check the dns-settings of your NAS-Device, i’m sure the DNS-Servers are missing.

      Best Regards,

  9. I have the same problem as Romain

    I click Ok and Ok and after, i havn’t selection page and i see “Selection Aborted, program exit without modification to /ffp/etc/funpkg/sites

    Any ideas ?


  10. I take my hat off for your work.
    But there is a question.
    In the repository there is stunnel.
    I tried it, but got an error:
    stunnel: can’t resolve symbol ‘FIPS_mode’
    When updated to openssl-1.0.1c-arm-1.txz, stunnel – OK, but the conflict with openssh-5.9p1-arm-1.
    When updated openssh-6.2p2-arm-1, sshd works, but does not work sftp.
    May be You can help to break this vicious circle?

    1. Sorry. Now no questions.
      I have install compilation environment and have compiled stunnel with opyions I need.
      Now everything is in chocolate 🙂

  11. At the end I get the following error, and wonder if anyone has received the same error and knows the solution? There is nothing wrong with my internet connection that I am aware of.

    “Downloading definitions FAILED. Please check your internet connection!”

    1. Sorry, indeed there WAS an issue with the internet connection, however, now I am getting the error:

      “Selection aborted: Program exits without modifications to ffp/etc/funpkg/sites

  12. I have trouble with running on FFP 0.7.
    It says “Connecting to (” and then “Error – Downloading definitions FAILED, please check your internet connection!”
    The “wget -O /ffp/bin/” fails with “wget: not an http or ftp url:“.
    I am able to download “” and install it directly.

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