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  1. Firmware 2.4.7 available in the ftp???
    Yesterday visiting the conceptronics ftp server i saw a file named CH3HNAS_FW_UPD_v2.4.7_BETA.zip dated on 2/17/2011.
    I can´t probe that fw because i have too many files on my nat, and i don´t know if that file is a valid fw. Anyone has proved that beta firmware and knows what improvements could be inside??
    This is the URL: http://download.conceptronic.net/Firmware/

  2. Hi,

    I accidently loaded firmware of CH3SNAS and one disk dissapeared. When I tried to get back to the CH3HNAS firmware is gives me an error during loading the firmare, Bad Checksum !!!

    Does anyone know how to get back to the original firmware? Thanks!

    Best regards,
    Arjan Vermeulen

  3. Hello! I bought it devise couple days ago, but i couldn’t start it. I cant find it at my network (Discovery tolls do not show nothing) Who knows how to recovery operation system on it or firmware? I don’t know what exactly doesn’t work.

  4. Just to throw it out there I was able to Flash this Firmware on my Freecom DualDrive Network Center Box. I can report that it’s been working like a champ now for the last few days.
    As a bonus the fan Control now works and is much more quite then with the stock Freecom Firmware installed.

  5. i tried to upload a new firmware to my ch3hnas but it did not complete succesfully. Now i only see the red conceptronics light. Nas is not accessible through network or direct connection. Does anybody can give me any advise

  6. Firmware upgrade failed’ I get a red light and reset does nothing! How the hell do I recover this nas now?!?! Conceptronic does not reply either!

  7. I have sent serveral mails to conceptronics without any reaction to them. I am very dissappointed in the product and I have recovered my data from the NAS by mounting it with Unbuntu.

  8. Has anybody tried to use NFS? I hadn’t success anyway. If I make a rpcinfo from my Mac i get that:

    rpcinfo -p
       program vers proto   port
        100000    2   tcp    111  portmapper
        100000    2   udp    111  portmapper
        100005    1   udp  53944  mountd
        100005    1   tcp  60143  mountd
        100005    2   udp  53944  mountd
        100005    2   tcp  60143  mountd
        100005    3   udp  53944  mountd
        100005    3   tcp  60143  mount

    I think that nfs is not running at all:

    root:~ # ps -af|grep nfs
    -sh: nfs: not found

    and I didn’t find nfsd in the filesistem.

    And if I try to do a rpcinfo from the NAS I get that:

    root:~ # rpcinfo
    -sh: rpcinfo: not found

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello.

    Can anyone tell me the capazity limit for the hard drives?

    I was hoping to get 2x 4gb.

    Is it possible? Cant get this info anywhere.

    Thank you.

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