Installation of the Conceptronic fun_plug on the Conceptronic CH3HNAS

Since a while the Conceptronic CH3HNAS has been around which – unfortunately – is not compatible with the Fonz’ fun_plug due to a different CPU. Conceptronic themselves provides a fun_plug package which solves that issue. If you don’t know what the fun_plug is, then read the introduction of this article until including “Technical synopsis” for further explanation. Here is how the Conceptronic fun_plug is installed on the CH3HNAS:

  • Download the package from Conceptronic: Download (Mirror by Uli)
  • Extract the package on your local harddrive
  • Navigate to folder “Funplug” and copy the files “fun_plug” and “fun_plug.tgz
  • Navigate to the “Public”-Folder on your CH3HNAS and paste these two files there
  • Then login to the Webpanel of your NAS and go to “Tools” -> “System” -> “Restart” to reboot your device
  • After the reboot, the CH3HNAS will discover the fun_plug and install it on the harddrive. Be patient as it takes a while to install the fun_plug
  • After a while the fun_plug.tgz will disappear and a folder called “funplug” will appear instead.
  • A Telnet-Server is now available on Port 23 on your CH3HNAS

That’s it!

19 thoughts on “Installation of the Conceptronic fun_plug on the Conceptronic CH3HNAS”

  1. Hello!
    I tried to install the package on my NAS CH3HNAS as you describe in this tutorial, but I didn’t succeed. My firmware version is 2.4.9. I download and unpack the files, copying the two at the Public folder of my NAS. Then, I reboot but the NAS hangs and appears a red light in front of it and the webpanel keeps showing a “Loading” message. It seems that it does nothing. Then, if I turn off the NAS and turn on it again, it loads without any problem, but without the funplug installed. I’m working on Ubuntu 11.10 and I run the webpanel on Google Chrome. Could you help?


    1. @Dani, I had the same problem.

      From FTP, set the “funplug” file permissions to include execute permissions and restart

  2. Hi, i have install funplug following your instructions. But i don’t know how to install transmission for example. How i can do it?

  3. I succeeded installing funplug on my CH3HNAS. Telnet on port 23 works as well, but I have no clue to replace it with SSH. Probably this funplug version is a minimal one?

  4. I’m using the CH3HNAS fun plug has provided by Conceptronics with a good amount of success so far (still figuring out the linux organization but getting there, manage to force firmware upgrade that was not happening and some other hotfixes). My question if anyone knows – can I get a gcc compiler in this? What gcc target should I pick? Thanks.

  5. Hi, i have just flashed my firmware on my CH3HNAS to 2.4.13 and now i cannot access the config with my admin/admin username and password. I have read some spanish forums on this matter and it seems that i should have set up a root? password first. I am not a linux user but would appreciate any advice of how to get back control of my NAS, or how to reflash it back to a firmware version i can access.

    1. Hi Dan,

      no, just reset to factory default with the procedure described in the manual. This will only affect the settings, not your data. Then download the easy search tool from Conceptronic and search your NAS. Reconfigure its IP to the one above and you will have access again.

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Uli, thanks for the reply.

        My problem is that the default username (admin) and default password (admin) do not work since upgrading the firmware . My NAS is working, i just cannot configur anything. I think that if i reset to factory i will loose access completely because it will erase the user accounts

  6. Hello everybody. Uli, congrats for all the work!

    I have a similar problem to Dan English, as I upgraded firmware yesterday in my CH3ENAS to latest version in Conceptronic site (3.0.12) and initially, when I logged in with admin/admin, it would say “password not correct” (or similar, can´t remember).

    Now I can only access the conceptronic red login page, and the user and pasword fields appear, but there is no “login” button, or “next” or anything. If I type admin/admin and press enter, there is no response.

    I have hard-reset the NAS a couple of times, but no changes.

    Any idea what could be wrong? I thought of reinstalling the firmware, but cannot access the CH3ENAS.


  7. Oh well. I managed to access the CH3ENAS with the media discovery tool. Is has switched out of fixed IP.

    Now, everytime I try to take it to fixed IP, it says wrong user and password when accessing it!


  8. Well… solved as well. Seems that the IP address used before firmware update was blocked. Using a different IP address everything is fine. On to fun-plug install.


  9. Hi there, a couple of issues with my CH3ENAS, and not sure where to find help.

    I installed the funplug, and it´s OK, except for 2 problems:

    1.- The fan of the CH3ENAS is now constantly running at high speed
    2.- I cannot access mediatomb, as it says it cannot find

    Any ideas how can I solve this?

    My firmware version is 3.0.12

    Many thanks!

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