Switching the forums off

Nearly one year ago i have moved nas-tweaks.net from mediawiki to wordpress to provide a better platform for comments and questions and to ease the navigation on the webpage. Today i switch of the forums at forum.nas-tweaks.net as they do not provide any value to the community anymore. For the future only the comments on this website will be answered and kept open.

I will keep the database for a while so if you search for a specific topic which was on this forum, feel free to leave a comment here.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14

  • uwfancontrol: Updated 1.2 (includes support for DNS-320/DNS-325!) #funplug #
  • xz: Updated to 5.0.3 #funplug #
  • gnupg: Version 2.0.18 added #funplug #
  • libassuan: Updated to 2.0.2 #funplug #
  • libgcrypt: Updated to 1.5.0 #funplug #
  • nettle: Updated to 2.2 #funplug #
  • p11-kit: Version 0.3 added #funplug #
  • freetype: Version 2.4.6 added #
  • vnstat: Updated to 1.11 #funplug #
  • curl: Updated to 7.21.7 #
  • iperf: Updated to 2.0.5 #
  • openvpn: Updated to 2.2.1 #funplug #
  • dnsmasq: Updated to 2.57 #funplug #
  • mysql: Updated to 5.1.58 #funplug #
  • php: Recompiled with mysqlnd & freetype (PHP5.3 is still crashing, so still 5.2.17) #funplug #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

  • libcue: Added version 1.4.0 #funplug #
  • libexif: Added version 0.6.20 #funplug #
  • eventlog: Added version 0.2.12 #funplug #
  • xz: Updated to 5.0.2 #funplug #
  • apr: Updated to 1.4.5 #funplug #
  • subversion: Updated to 1.6.17 #funplug #
  • patchelf: Added version 0.5 #funplug #
  • autossh: Added version 1.4b #funplug #
  • mysql: Updated to 5.1.57 #funplug #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-15

  • unrar: Updated to 4.0.7 #
  • xz: Updated to 5.0.2 #funplug #
  • openvpn: Updated to 2.1.4 (includes support for DNS-320/DNS-325 now!) #funplug #
  • mysql: Updated to 5.1.56 #funplug #
  • eventlog: Added version 0.2.12 #
  • apr-util: Updated to 1.3.10 #funplug #
  • libassuan: Added version 2.0.1 #funplug #
  • libksba: Added version 1.2.0 #funplug #
  • nettle: Added version 2.1 #funplug #
  • pth: Added version 2.0.7 #funplug #
  • subversion: Updated to 1.6.16 #funplug #
  • ncftp: Added version 3.2.4 #funplug #
  • proftpd: Updated to 1.3.3e #funplug #
  • curl: Updated to 7.21.6 #funplug #
  • librsync: Added version 0.9.7 #funplug #

Flashing the Conceptronic CH3SNAS with the Firmware of the D-Link DNS-323

A while back, Conceptronic has decided to discontinue the CH3SNAS to concentrate on the CH3MNAS and CH3HNAS. Unfortunately users of the CH3SNAS are now stuck with an old firmware and are jealous of the DNS-323 users which get regular updates for their nearly identical device. But luckily there is a way to flash the DNS-323-Firmware on the CH3SNAS so that these users can participate in the run for new features.
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Firmware Versions of the Conceptronic CH3SNAS


At present, this version is probably the final 1.05 Firmware. This may change.


  • UPnP Server does not allow single quote ‘ in foldernames
  • Special characters like “!” in password could not be used anymore


Offically released!


  • Due to some changes internally the UPnP server could not restart in certain situation. This UPnP Server is supporting XBOX360 as well as PlayStation 3
  • When a new disks already has an partition inside, the formatting failed in certain cases.


Beta Firmware, not officially released!

New Features

  • Support for XBOX360.
  • Displays the uptime in one of the menus.
  • Support for certain Hitachi drives


  • Improved the imprecise counter of disk formatting.
    Note: make sure there are no old partition at all on the HDD (especially when using a previously used HDD. If a partition exists, the format can fail almost immediately after starting the formatting.)
  • LAN speeds is always providing speed: 0 (see SETUP – LAN in User Interface)
  • Email alert issue: unable to send email with some SMTP server.
  • UPnP AV server can play MKV video, but can’t play VOB and HD DivX video.
  • Schedule download function failure.
  • FTP function failure.

Other Notes

  • Unified the error message wordings between UserInterface and EasySearch Utility.


The zip file is called CH3SNAS_FW_UPD_v1.05b1.zip, but the “b1” does not mean it is a beta version: the version has been officially released by Conceptronic.

New Features

  • Support for 1.5TB hard disks
  • Updated fan script (fan stops when internal temperature drops below 43°C).
    Note that a more sophisticated solution is available for users runing fun_plug. This fun_plug-based solution is, however, not supported by Conceptronic.
  • RAID migration: Normal to RAID 1
  • Add .info domain support for email alerts.
  • Password supports more special characters (except these five : @ : / \ %)


  • FTP server supports Korean and Turkish code pages now
  • 1st HDD was unable to sleep
  • Time drift issue: the clock time always increased by 1 hour after every reboot when daylight savings time was activated.
  • Removed the Auto Refresh Timer. It uses Inotify for UPnP AV and iTunes Server auto refreshing.

Other Notes

Note on 1.5 TB HDD support: make sure the hard disk is EMPTY and has no partitions or what-so-ever ..

Known Bugs

  • Email alerts not working
  • uptime” shows the wrong value
  • Current speed of the network is always shown as 0
  • Underscores are no longer accepted in passwords
  • Creating Folders in the webinterface is no longer possible


This is a Release Candidate rather than a formal release.


This is a Release Candidate rather than a formal release.


This is a Release Candidate rather than a formal release.


This is a Release Candidate rather than a formal release.


This is a Release Candidate rather than a formal release.


This is a Release Candidate rather than a formal release.


This is a formal release.

Reference Links for the Conceptronic CH3SNAS

The following links are classified as [User], [Enth]usiasts and [Pro]fessional. The boundaries are somewhat arbitrary.


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