Switching the forums off

Nearly one year ago i have moved nas-tweaks.net from mediawiki to wordpress to provide a better platform for comments and questions and to ease the navigation on the webpage. Today i switch of the forums at forum.nas-tweaks.net as they do not provide any value to the community anymore. For the future only the comments on this website will be answered and kept open.

I will keep the database for a while so if you search for a specific topic which was on this forum, feel free to leave a comment here.

7 thoughts on “Switching the forums off”

  1. Thanks for the fun_plug tutorial.
    Installed it on the DNS-320.
    The problem is I cannot login””root” /password set and saved in tutorial using SSH after reboot of the NAS.
    Access denied.Do you have a solution ?
    Thanks !

  2. Think it’s a mistake getting rid of the forums, the above post is prime example!

    Seems that anything can be posted anywhere, it’s hard to search through it all and even get a response from anyone!

    1. Dan,

      the last post in the forums was 9.5 months old, thus i’ve switched the forums off.

      You will get a qualified answer if there is someone who has experience in it. I don’t have it and i don’t think i will look into this topic. The question above will not receive an answer here as the person did not read what was written above.


      1. But do you not think that was due to the fact it was pretty much not known to new vistors that u had a forum because it wasn’t easily accessible from the site.

        There’s sections here that are probably not even gonna get another look by someone with the skills to help out

        What you’ve done is amazing, and this must take up a lot of your time, but If the forums were promoted abut more, it could have been a lot better

        1. Probably yes, but i was the only one answering questions, so i don’t think that this was helpful.


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