The goal of NAS-Tweaks.net is to allow owners of small Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices to communicate with each other about technical- or usage matters related to their device. We hope the site will also help the developers who create these devices to learn about user issues and enable developers and users to informally communicate.

The site intends to inform about tips, FAQs, tutorials and issues of the devices. A forum is available to ask questions or for general discussion.

The scope is currently limited to small devices, mostly boxes with two slots for SATA drives which run a small version of Linux on a ARM processor. We may extend the scope in the future to include other NAS devices – especially that that run very similar software on very similar hardware.

NAS-Tweaks has no affiliation with the manufacturer or distributers of the NAS devices. Representatives of these companies are however encouraged to use the site to collect user feedback and to communicate with “their” users in general. Such representatives are requested to clearly indicate their affiliation in their signature or user name to avoid misunderstandings.

This site was created by Uli (who is the site administrator and who registered the NAS-Tweaks domain name) with the help of PeterH.

About the Author

Uli bought his first CH3SNAS in May 2007. Now he owns several NAS-Devices for the backup and storage of media data.Feel free to visit his Homepage: http://wolf-u.li (German) Did his posts help you? Please consider buying him a coffee (or two)!