Updating pyload to the newest version

A user asked me a few days ago, how to update pyload to the newest version. I will show the example of the update to pyload 0.4.7, but the Steps are the same for future versions.

So here it is:

/opt/etc/init.d/S95startPyload.sh stop
cd /opt
mv pyload pyload-old
wget http://get.pyload.org/get/src/
unzip pyload-src*.zip
rm pyload-src-*.zip
cp -R /opt/pyload-old/.pyload /opt/pyload/
cd /opt/pyload/
python pyLoadCore.py --changedir --configdir=/opt/pyload/.pyload
python pyLoadCore.py

This is the log of it:

10.08.2011 15:34:08 INFO Starting pyLoad 0.4.7
10.08.2011 15:34:08 INFO Using home directory: /opt/pyload/.pyload
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Activated plugins: CaptchaTrader, ClickAndLoad, ExternalScripts, HotFolder, MergeFiles, UnRar, UpdateManager
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Deactivate plugins: Ev0InFetcher, IRCInterface, MultiHome, RealdebridCom, RehostTo, XMPPInterface
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Downloadtime: True
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Starting ThriftBackend:
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Free space: 212.01 GiB
10.08.2011 15:34:13 INFO Starting builtin webserver:
10.08.2011 15:34:14 INFO Activating Plugins…
10.08.2011 15:34:14 INFO pyLoad is up and running
10.08.2011 15:34:16 INFO No Updates for pyLoad
10.08.2011 15:34:16 INFO New version of hoster|YoutubeCom.py : 0.22
10.08.2011 15:34:18 INFO *** Plugins have been updated, please restart pyLoad ***

The press “CTRL+C” to stop pyload which results in the following output:

10.08.2011 15:34:58 INFO shutting down…
10.08.2011 15:34:58 INFO killed pyLoad from Terminal

Now set the User again:

cd /opt/pyload/
python pyLoadCore.py -u

This looks like this, i’ve marked my input bold:

/opt/pyload# python pyLoadCore.py -u
Select action
1 – Create/Edit user
2 – List users
3 – Remove user
4 – Quit
[1]/2/3/4: 1

Username [User]: MyPersonalUser
Password: MyPasswordForUser
Password (again): MyPasswordForUser
Select action
1 – Create/Edit user
2 – List users
3 – Remove user
4 – Quit
[1]/2/3/4: 4

The Start pyload again:

/opt/etc/init.d/S95startPyload.sh start

If everything works, you can delete the previous version (otherwise you can go back to this version):

rm -Rf /opt/pyload-old

Installation of PyLoad on Optware

A few days ago i was asked if it would be possible to install PyLoad on the NAS-Systems. Pyload is a download-manager which is written in python and which provides a webinterface, a GUI Program and a CLI-Tool for management. The requestor needed a transfer-medium for his pictures. I found that interesting and investigated a little bit, but had to give up to get it natively running on Fonz fun_plug. I looked around the wiki of PyLoad and stumbled across optware. After a few problems i got everything together to get it running. A word of advice: Pyload needs about 40% of my 256MB Ram (D-Link DNS-325) when running, so if you experience performance-issues in transfers, maybe you should stop pyload first.
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