Installation of nano on fun_plug 0.5 for CH3SNAS, CH3MNAS, DNS-323 and many more

This tutorial is deprecated and should only be used with fonz fun_plug 0.5!
Please check the tutorial page for updated tutorials on this topic!

After the installation of the fun_plug the only available editor is “vi”, which is not really considered a “newbie“-friendly editor. The nano editor is much easier to use and largely self-explanatory. If you nevertheless want more information on the GNU nano editor, see its home page.


In this tutorial we assume that the fun_plug is already installed on the NAS and that you synchronized Uli’s repository (see here for instructions on how to do this). Afterwards install the package (see detailed instructions here):

funpkg -i /ffp/pkg/additional/app-editors/nano*.tgz

Move the configuration-file nanorc from /ffp/etc/examples/ to /ffp/etc/ to get syntax highlighting.

mv /ffp/etc/examples/nanorc /ffp/etc/


Screenshot of nano running in a PuTTY window
Simply enter “nano ” on the commandline (replacing "" with the name of the file you want to edit).

Basic commands

The commands are shown at the bottom of the nano screen. The main commands are:

  • CTRL + G => Get Help
  • CTRL + O => WriteOut (“Save”)
  • CTRL + W => Where Is (Search for a string in the file)
  • CTRL + C => Cur Pos (Shows the line & column number of the current cursor-position)
  • CTRL + X => Exit (Self explanatory)
  • CTRL + T => Spell checking (if aspell is installed)

Syntax highlighting

To have syntax highlighting for a certain language you have to uncomment it in /ffp/etc/nanorc. Example for PHP:

## PHP
#include "/ffp/share/nano/php.nanorc"

And remove the comment like this:

## PHP
include "/ffp/share/nano/php.nanorc"
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