D-Link releases updated Firmware 2.02 for the DNS-320

D-Link has released a update (2.02) for the firmware for the DNS-320. Here is the changelog:

1. [New Feature] Support 3TB Disk.
2. [Bug Fix] Apple Finder failed to browse file through Samba issue.
3. [New Feature] Support Amazon S3 Cloud Backup.
4. [Bug Fix]Support WD My Book Essential 2TB USB 2.0.
5. [Bug Fix]P2P shared folder able to invisible via FTP.
6. [Bug Fix]”Blocking unauthorized login of nobody, root and etc special users”.
7. [Change]Block Raid Migration from DNS-323 (causing corrupted data).
8. [New Feature] Support WebDAV.
9. [New Feature] WebDAV support Open Mode.
10. [Bug Fix] System time will be +1 hour after restart.
11. [Bug Fix] If you apply a Samba share to FTP service, you are no way to disable it individually besides deleting the whole share from “Network Share”.
12. [Bug Fix] Print server does not work when custom shares are configured
13. [Bug Fix] Workgroup Name is to restrictive and does not allow legitimate characters
14. [Bug fix] Fan non-stopping issue.
15. [Bug fix] Cannot copy files bigger than 200MB to USB drive.
16. [Bug Fix]External Drive with NTFS partiton support Read/Write.
17. [New Feature] Time Machine fails to work on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion issue.
18. [New Feature] Support Samsung D2 version Nand Flash.
19. [Bug Fix] System Time drift issue.
20. [Bug Fix] FTP backup issue with 722/726.
21. [Bug Fix] Support IE9.
22. [Bug Fix] Solve Language Pack missing translation issue
23. [Bug Fix] FTP/HTTP Downloads and Local Backups pages are not displayed correctly in IE8
24. [Bug Fix] Scan Disk: There is no volume selectable after create 2 standalone volumes

You can download the Firmware here (or from my mirror)

115 thoughts on “D-Link releases updated Firmware 2.02 for the DNS-320”

    1. can anyone tell me how to run the firmware update file? i downloaded it because i am having issues with transferring video files to the dns 320 that are showing 0kbs.
      i have tried to use the web-gui and installation cd but those were useless.
      please help!]thanks!

      1. Well the Web-Gui has a section where you can update the firmware. Unpack the firmware after you’ve downloaded it from D-Link. Then go to the Settings -> System -> Update firmware.

  1. Hi, I have a DNS-320 with 2.00 firmware, fun_plug and transmission 2.42.

    Is there somethink that i must do before upgrade the firmware ( to 2.02)? (e.g. stop ffp, backup ffp somehow etc).
    Or i just install the new firmware, restart the device and continue like nothink happened ?
    Will fun_plug and transmission, work/transmission continue seeding after the firmware upgrade, without lossing their settings ?

  2. hi, sorry by advance for my poor english. I upgraded my firmware from 2.00 to 2.02 and now i have lots of bugs. i can t do local backup anymore etc … i want to come back to firmware 2.00 but i have an error and i can t downgrade … plz how can i have come back to 2.00 firmware which is the only stable for my nas plz? (i m from france)

    1. i found the solution i bought a new nas netgear readynas and it s a better nas than dlink without doubt.

    2. Was looking to downgrade myself. The funplug does not work as well on the 2.02. There must be a way. Have not tried it yet as I bet someone else has already pioneered the way.
      Was looking for a short guide.

  3. Hi, i got the DNS-320 yesterday and upgraded to the new firmware, all works fine on the stock side, but i can’t get fun_plug to execute at all. I have only one HDD inside the DNS-320, so i copied the 2 files to Volume_1, but even after several reboots, the fun_plug doesn’t seems to get executed. What can i do?

      1. On the FTP space i can see that fun_plug.tgz wasn’t decompressed, a nmap on the DNS-320 shows no telnet nor ssh port open, and a simple telnet/ssh keeps showing me a connection error.
        I already have rebooted several times now, nothing happens…

        1. Following the tutorial here: https://nas-tweaks.net/40/installation-of-the-fonz-funplug-0-5-for-ch3snas-ch3mnas-dns-323-and-many-more/

          Place a copy of both files in the topmost directory of Volume_1 of your NAS:

          1: http://www.inreto.de/dns323/fun-plug/0.5/fun_plug
          2: http://www.inreto.de/dns323/fun-plug/0.5/fun_plug.tgz

          Now REBOOT! (Wait 2 minutes!)

          Now you should have port 23 open for telnet connections.

          if you can connect from there, then follow the instructions in the tutorial.

          Good Luck!

          1. Believe me, i followed the tutorial to the letter.
            I copied the 2 files (modified fun_plug for DNS-320) into ‘/Volume_1’, rebooted, shutdown and restarted, nothing happens.
            I tried even with the non-modified fun_plug.
            Only thing i didn’t tried yet is to reinitialize the HDD and to start over once more.

        2. that sounds strange, for me it worked perfectly when I followed the tutorial.

          You could try reseting NAS to factory settings. Maybe redo the firmware upgrade. Check if any RAID settings are bothering something. Reformat the HDD??? (If you don’t have any important stuff on it, or made a backup)
          Maybe its something with permission settings??? (shouldn’t be…)
          But restoring your NAS to factory settings, and reinitializing your HDD, should fix it.
          Good luck with it.
          Oh btw, fun_plug makes a log file… ffp.log i think, did you check if there is a log file in the root of your drive?
          If there isn’t it means, its not even executing it. Try restarting the NAS, but just unplugging it…

          Well just a few suggestions, I can’t think of anything else, but usually resetting does fix the problem.

          Hope you can make it work, good luck!

          1. I already resetted 2 times, can i downgrade the FW without problems ? Not that i brick right away the new thing…

            No, no log file either, means exactly what i said before, its not even been executed at all…

            I’ll try the downgrade later and will reset the HDD…

            Thanks for the help though, appreciate it!

        3. well, I wish I could be of more help.

          About downgrading the F/W, I’ve never tried, but I don’t think it will work. From what I’ve heard, it just says “The firmware is older than the current…”
          Plus, I doubt its anything wrong with the F/W.

          My bet is reseting the HDD should do the trick. Did you run the format tool on it? The one in the NAS, to format the HDD to ext3?

          1. The resetting of the HDD did the trick ! Strange though but i won’t complain about it.. thanks for the help !

          1. This is for Marc-Andre (no reply button)

            Reset the HDD??? That mean to redo the disk set up and format? Mine was formatted in the NAS and I have the problem of it not running. I have the 2.0.2 firmware.

            I updated the firmware After setting up the HDD, I wonder if that is it?

          2. Hi, I was found the same problem few weeks before. It seems it is important to know what was the order you installed the HD. After one million reboots I installed fun_plug in volume_2 ( I have two volumes, not raid configurations yet ) and it worked. Then I remember that I installed the hdd2 ( right slot ) first.

            I hope this helps someone.

      1. Funny thing, just got a DNS-320 2 wks ago, have two 160gb drives in it. I set it up as two standard drives and formatted. The fun_plug (downloaded a fresh v5.0) never executes. Tried to redo the drives and again, doesn’t execute. Nothing in the system’s log?? I upgraded the firmware first thing,before setting up HDD’s.

        1. the file “fun_plug” on the root of your “Volume_1” Always executes. If you want to test that do the following. Make a “fun_plug” file and write in it:

          cd /mnt/HD/HD_a2/
          echo “fun_plug works!!!” >file.txt

          Now when your NAS reboots, it should run this file, and make a file called “file.txt” with the contents “It works!!!”.
          Put this on both of your drives, if you don’t know which one is the primary one.
          Hope it works!

    1. Yes, I’m having the same trouble. I can’t set the iTunes server settings using the web i/f. When I click “Save Settings” nothing happens. All other functions seem OK.

  4. Hi there,
    “3. [New Feature] Support Amazon S3 Cloud Backup.” suggests that the NAS can in fact do cloud backups. Is this the case? I cannot find anything about it on the product page. Will I be able to use DropBox service?

  5. How long should the firmware upgrade take? Whenever I try it via the web interface it just sits indefinitely spinning the ‘update in progress’ indicator. Opening a new http connection 30 minutes later shows it’s still using the 2.00 firmware.

    1. for me it took about 2-3 minutes.
      Are you connecting by wireless?
      You should only update firmware from a wired connection. (Try restarting your computer, and your NAS, and try again)

  6. 17. [New Feature] Time Machine fails to work on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion issue.

    Does this mean that Time Machine on Lion now works with this NAS?

  7. Dear people,

    I have the follow problem. After de upgrade of the firmware. Can i connect to te nas. Everytime then i receive a connetion drop by my router. Whats happend?

    Kind regards Ray

  8. Hello

    Please can you advice me how to install my DNS 320 without formatting my hard disks?
    Its the first install and i have so much stuffs in my disks it would take more than a day to back them up!

    Thnak you

    1. Hi, The HDDs have to be formated with the Ext3 Linux file system. I had 2 1TB HDDs full! It took me two days to back up all my data. Then I formated my drives. I don’t know if it is possible to do without formatting, but if it is, then you need to change the file system of your drives to ext3 (There are plenty of tools which will do this without erasing your HDD) Then simply place them in your NAS and… HOPE IT WORKS!!! 😀 Good luck! Tell me if it worked…

      1. Hello Benjamin,
        Finaly i formated my hdds with the Ext3 Linux file system after i have backed up my datas. No way to make it work without it!

        It worked then and i have updated the firmware to 2.02 but problem again i could not create users or groups or some others options any more!
        Do you have solution for that or downgrade trick also…??

        1. I recently upgraded from the beta 2.02 to the stable 2.02 firmware (the one I’m guessing you have) I have no problem adding new users and groups, so I don’t think its a bug in the firmware. Do you use fonz-fun-plug? I think you can use the default linux command to add a new user or a group. (I never tried from ssh, so I don’t know)

  9. Anyone having troubles with the webinterface. My router forwards port 500 to port 80 and this enables remote access for me. I use the webinterface primarily for P2P. Since I upgraded to 2.02 I can get to the login screen. After I press login, nothing happens. I have tried IE9, IE7 and webkit. All show the same issue. When I try the webinterface from a local network, everything works just fine.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    1. I was also trying to access remotely with port forwarding unsuccessfully. Problem is that links on the web interface removes the port (i.e. :5000 on the URLs in your case). Only solution for me was to use the same port (80) on the router to forward to the port 80 on the DNS-320.

  10. I’m having a problem.
    I have a DNS-320 NAS
    firmware: 2.02 (stable)
    fonz fun plug: 0.7 (EABI)

    When I try to run these commands:
    vi, halt, reboot, last, busybox, crontab, deluser, sulogin, getty, vlock and many more, I get the following error:
    root@NAS:~# vi

    vi: symbol ‘_res’: can’t resolve symbol

    root@NAS:~# getty

    getty: symbol ‘_res’: can’t resolve symbol

    I have no idea what is causing this, I did not have this problem with fun_plug 0.5

    1. Similar experience.
      I have a DNS-323, firmware 1.09 (for years)
      fonz funplug (ffp) 0.7

      Runnning lsmod, I get:
      lsmod: symbol ‘_res’: can’t resolve symbol

      Similar response for commands vi, halt, reboot, last, busybox, crontab, deluser, sulogin, getty, vlock

      Did not happen when I was using ffp 0.5 until today.

      Today, I attempted to upgrade from ffp 0.5 to ffp 0.7 I did this by copying the files fun_plug and fun_plug.tgz into /mnt/HD_a2/Volume_1 and rebooting the DNS-323.

      I got the ffp 0.7 from an “oarm” directory on the web

      Yes, I know that this thread is meant for discussing the DNS-320’s new firmware, but adding my experience can possibly help others narrow down the cause of their own trouble … and, well, yes, possibly also I can benefit as well.

      1. Hi there! Glad to know, that I am not the only one having this problem. I am pretty sure that this problem only comes when upgrading to ffp 0.7 from 0.5. I have done some research, and although I have found nothing. I think if I put 0.7 on my NAS without puting 0.5 on it first, I would have no problems. Does ffp 0.5 modify anything in the device’s internal memory??? What is not on the HDD? If so, I think resetting these to its factory state would make it work with 0.7. When I was installing ffp 0.7 for example when I tried creating the shaddow file, it said that it was already created. (I had previously created it with 0.5) So in other words the shaddow file is stored in the internal memory??? Oh, if you find out how to fix this problem, please post. I really want to fix this problem, as its annyoing me a lot. I can’t even use reboot or halt 😀

        1. Im having the same problems. It happens even with a 0.7 fresh intsalll and I cant use slacker because rsync, althought it´s possible to install the packages manually. Most of them work.

          1. @Uli, you are referring to which instructions? Could you give me a link pls?
            I don’t remember any such instructions in the tutorial for ffp 0.5, and I have not found a tutorial for 0.7 yet.

    2. exactly the same problem happens to me.
      I investigate a little and seems that now we have TWO busybox packages:

      # ls -la /bin/busybox
      -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 310204 Nov 17 2010 /bin/busybox
      # ls -la /ffp/bin/busybox
      -rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 654136 Oct 8 2008 /ffp/bin/busybox

      I did the following:

      mv /ffp/bin/busybox /ffp/bin/busyboxOLD
      chmod a-x /ffp/bin/busyboxOLD
      cp /bin/busybox /ffp/bin/busybox

      Don’t now if this is correct to do, but solves my problem.
      Let me know

      1. interesting, but which is the “better/newer” busybox. The one in /ffp/bin, or the one in /bin????
        My question is, are you sure, we need to copy the busybox from /bin to /ffp/bin, not the other way around? Say cp /ffp/bin/busybox /bin/budybox

      2. When I log into my NAS through SSH, am I using the busybox from /bin/busybox, or the one from /ffp/bind/busybox???

      3. If you have changed the shell as described (EDIT)in my instructions(/EDIT) you are working with the shell with /ffp/bin/


      4. @Uli “If you have changed the shell as described” Do you mean, if I followed coste’s instructions?

    3. Are you connected via SSH? Have you installed the latest uclibc?

      PS: Replacing the busybox is not really an option in my opinion 😉

      1. Thank to Uli for the new instruction about installing fun_plug 0.7

        The point is that you should NOT have a busybox binary in /ffp/bin. This came from old ffp 0.5 and is outdated respect the one in /bin (from Firmware 2.02). If you ERASE the old ffp installation and install the new ffp 0.7 there are no problems!

          1. Hi thank you! What I don’t understand then is, I REMOVED the old 0.5 ffp folder completely. I deleted it! Then I installed the 0.7 ffp. How did I get the old busybox???

          2. Maybe you didn’t execute all steps i now have described in the 0.7 tutorial. So just try it and maybe that works then 🙂


          3. @Uli I did all the steps that you said, but after a reboot, still the same problem! Now i tried this:
            mv /ffp/bin/busybox /ffp/bin/busyboxOLD
            chmod a-x /ffp/bin/busyboxOLD
            cp /bin/busybox /ffp/bin/busybox

            It works!!!
            Is this good way to solve the problem? or should I do something else?

  11. I upgraded to the 2.02 firmware, but I don’t have the Amazon S3 Application. How do I get that for my DNS-320? Help!

    1. I answered my own question, it seems that the web interface is cached. Clear your cache or use a different browser and the S3 application will appear.

      1. Could you provide more details about what the S3 app can do? I.e. can you schedule to upload directories to S3?

    2. So far as I’ve be able to discover, no one has been able to make this cloud backup feature work. I’ve tried repeatedly without success. Sure would like to hear otherwise.

  12. Hi guys, I’ve tried downloading the new firmware (without any prior installation of the software from the disc) and the file doesn’t have an extension – i’m not able to run the file. i’ve got the disc but no CD drive, hence trying to do it this way. any help would be great! thanks

    1. Hi, the firmware file is not an executable file. You don’t need to run the firmware file. You need to upload it via the Web interface to your NAS, under firmware upgrade menu.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense. So I need to still run the installation CD somehow to initially setup the NAS? Have DLink published the setup online?

        1. Hi, no you do not need to run the installation CD. You can always just access the NAS and do your setup through the web interface. But if you are still a beginner, which it sounds to me like you are 🙂 It may be easier for you to use the installation CD to set up your NAS 😀

  13. fun_plug dont work on firmware 2.02.
    I followed the tutorial: dont work.

    Before, firmware version 2.0, Ok.
    After updating firmare, lost all (including ssh script).

    Anyone else having this problem?

    1. This is really worrying. I need the fun_plug for transmission, because the default client is sh@t. Can somebody confirm if fun_plug is working after update?

  14. can the hard drives formatted for this NAS be unplugged and used with a hard drive enclosure via USB?

    1. really? i have to give this a try, because for some LARGE file transfers i would prefer to connect the hard drive straight to my computer and do it instead of doing it wirelessly (have a macbook air so no ethernet port). This should work for me to connect it to my mac right? http://sourceforge.net/projects/fuse-ext2/

      will give it a try when i can and let you know.

        1. 🙂 No problem. I should have done it this way as well. I have 2 1TB HDDs and I had to copy all the data to my NAS through ethernet. (100Mbps) It took 2 days 🙂

  15. Hi, I have upgraded to 202b1 but now cannot get CCC to clone to it any longer. I have tried using CCC to make the image, manually in terminal, copied to usb stick and copied it to Volume-2 no joy with anything.
    OSX lion seems to think it is FAT-32 disk but it has not been reformatted and worked perfectly well until the upgrade.
    Also funplug did not decompress.

      1. Dear Uli, could you please tell me if the fun_plug 0.5 modifies anything in the DNS-320’s internal memory (not ont the HDD)? Thanks! I am having a problem: “symbol ‘_res’: can’t resolve symbol” ever since I upgraded from ffp 0.5 to ffp 0.7

  16. With the new firmware I have the problem that I cannot connect to the P2P folder directly (when using the P2P application of the firmware). (See for complete problem description: http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=45088.0) I can only connect tothe P2P folder by mapping it to a different drive number. This is not much of a problem, but when moving the completed files to a differenct part of the server, it needs to be moved from one network drive to another, resulting in a very slow action. Moving the file or folder is now an action over the network (a slow one in my case) instead of “internally” on the NAS (which would just take a split second).

    Do you have any sugggestions on how to circumvent this problem? Thanks!

    1. What I do is connect via ssh and move the files/folders to the desired location (yes, it takes a few seconds at most) and then use them via SMB or NFS.

      1. Thanks Vlad. It took me a while to learn browsing in SSH and to find the location of the P2P folder in SSH (/mnt/HD/HD_a2/P2P/), but after that: it worked like a charm!

  17. I have just bought one of these units and upgraded it to the latest firmware and it will only share 10 torrents at a time?? am i doing something wrong??

    1. I’m currently using NAS Firmware Version
      2.02 and installed Transmission 2.52 on ffp 0.7
      It seems that I have no limitations in the number of torrents.

        1. sorry, seems to be impossible to post the url.
          Search Goooogle for: forum.dsmg600.info Transmission

  18. Having a bit of trouble setting up my 320.
    2-3TB Seagate’s using standard for now.
    Install goes fine including formatting…but after mapping Windows (7) only sees 732GB for each drive.
    Suspect I may need firmware update, but I’m a beginner at this, and have no idea what I’m doing. Have downloaded the file.2.02..and read the posts here…not sure what web interface is.
    Can anyone help?

  19. Point your web browser IE, or whatever to the address of the 320 to get to the webpage.
    Go to management and do a firmware update. I have 2.02 and have 2 2tb hitachi drives, windows can see the whole thing.

  20. Hi all,
    I upgraded firmware to 2.02 and my ffp from 0.5 to 0.7.

    I can’t configure my personal web server (lighttpd) as I did before in ffp 0.5.
    The ffp 0.5 tutorials I followed won’t work anymore with 0,7 and I can’t find one for 0.7.

    I successfully changed the default web admin port from 80 to 81 adding the following lines to my script:

    echo "killing lighttpd-angel"
    kill -9 `pidof lighttpd-angel`
    echo "killing lighttpd"
    kill -9 `pidof lighttpd`

    echo "Restart lighttpd-angel with different port"
    /usr/sbin/lighttpd-angel -D -m /usr/local/lib -f /ffp/etc/lighttpd_portmod.conf &

    Obviously creating and configuring the /ffp/etc/lighttpd_portmod.conf file.

    I also created a new lighttpd.conf file but when I start the lighttpd it says it’s already running.

    # sh lighttpd.sh start
    WARNING: lighttpd: Already running

    It seems the new firmware now use it.

    If I shut it down and start my personal lighttp, it works, but I do not have the web configuration anymore.

    If someone can help me I would appreciate, thanxs

    (sorry for my english)

    1. I solved my problem.

      The trick was on:

      /usr/sbin/lighttpd-angel -D -m /usr/local/lib -f /ffp/etc/lighttpd_portmod.conf &

      The -D parameter is for avoid sending the program in background.
      Removing the -D make it possible to run how many lighttpd as you wants.

  21. Hi all,

    I have a problem with DNS-320 V2.00, with 2 WD 2Tb green. I did not have a lot of thinking to use RAID 0, and formatted my HDD-s to JBOD. After a year and a half I have orange LED on L HDD. Did someone have a clue what should I do with it? A few hundreds pics I would like to save. Is there better tool than “Recover My Files V4…” from GetData?


  22. I’m having a problem now. I swapped my DNS-320 for another DNS-323. (I now have two DNS-323 with Fonz plug .5 and all works great except: Rsync over ssh between them. It works fine manually, but fails when run with Cron. Only error I see is exit 14 from io.c.
    Can’t find info on this. I highly suspect the problem is ssh and the user: root@fileserver may conflict with the cron user? It is root’s crontab doing the backup.

    thanks, Joe

    PS. Anyone know if you can load Plex with just the fonz plug installed. There is a version for the ReadyNAS.

    1. ok–Rsync problem…I needed to have a path statement in the backup script. It was apparently grabbing the wrong ssh.

      Still would like to know if one of the Plex packages for Roku will load on a DNS-323??

  23. the 320 is supposed newer and DLNA certified, but for my usage as a fileserver it was hanging on me. It also has no way to prevent spin down. I prefer the 323 even though Dlink has now discontinued it. Do not know the differences internally. I had the same fonz plug installed.

  24. So I’ve setup my DNS-320 on Win 7 and everything has been running fine. I used the installation CD so that it would mount the drive in Windows and format my HDD.

    Now the thing is, I want to re-install Win 7 since it has been years since I’ve done so, and I want to have a nice clean fresh install. How would I go about running the install CD so that it only mounts my drive again, but NOT format my drives. My drives are already formatted for the NAS, I just want the installation to mount my drive again. Is this possible? I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. why would you do anything with the 320? Win 7 would find it when re-installed. If not use Easysearch. I’ve switched OS’s on several of my computers…just have to update the host files or use easysearch to connect.

        1. Hi,

          the DNS is a network device and do have an IP address like every network device.

          You have to know it (the default is but it can be different); you choose it at installation time.
          It’s the same ip address you use in your browser to access the web administration site.
          Easysearch utility can find it for you in your network if you don’t know it.

          When you have reinstalled windows, you can access it using the ip in your file explorer in the form of “\\ipnumber”.

          You can also map a network drive (what you call “mount”) to a letter of your choice to have a virtual drive connected to your nas; to create this mapping you also are requested for the ip address…

          Sorry for my english.

          1. Ok cool, I was hoping it was just a matter of adding it as a network drive. I thought for some reason you had to do other things to make it work. I am currently using the NAS as a media centre for Boxee Box. I just wanted to make sure that it will work again once I re-install.

            Thanks alot.

  25. I found a way, to change the default names for the windows shares (samba)

    instad of Volume_1 and Volume_2, you can change to anythink you would like.

    Uli, could you post it as a tutorial?

  26. Hi, i have a question /problem with my brand new DNS-320.
    It has FW 2.02 dated 9/23/2011 and I installed 2 HDD’s: 1x 500GB and 1x 2TB.

    I want to run the 500GB (vol_1) and a 500GB portion of vol_2 as RAID1 and the remainder of the 2TB on vol_2 as JODB. Step 1 – formatting of the hdd’s as RAID1 – finishes successful. Afterwards the tool offers to format the remainding 1.5TB on vol_2 as JODB as mentioned above. However, when the formatting process hits the 99% it seems to crash since it never completes (though the NAS still responds on the web interface).

    ANY ideas/suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

  27. I have 2 DNS-320L* NAS working fine. I have FW 1.3 (beta).

    1. What is the difference to the DNS-320 (without the L) except the looks and inside perhaps? It seems completely different.
    2. I installed ffp0.7 successfully.
    3. Is anyone using the DNS-320L and is nas-tweaks.net covering it somewhere? I found 1 entry only mentioning it as a newer system than the DNS-320.

    * (http://www.dlink.com/us/en/home-solutions/share/network-attached-storage/dns-327l-2-bay-network-attached-storage)

  28. Hi forum,
    I recently purchased D-link 325 and followed tutorial to get ssh working.
    So far I can ssh into the unit. The problem I am experiencing is that when I try to run commands such as “vi” I get the following error
    “vi: symbol ‘_res’: can’t resolve symbol”
    I can confirm that I have to vi source as follows
    “/ffp/bin/vi” and “/bin/vi”. Both entry are in my $PATH variable.
    I can edit files with the vi located in /bin but unable to edit files with the one in /ffp/bin.
    Any suggestions on how to deal with this.

    Is this answer still the only working solution.

    Many thanks in advance.


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