Updating pyload to the newest version

A user asked me a few days ago, how to update pyload to the newest version. I will show the example of the update to pyload 0.4.7, but the Steps are the same for future versions.

So here it is:

/opt/etc/init.d/ stop
cd /opt
mv pyload pyload-old
unzip pyload-src*.zip
rm pyload-src-*.zip
cp -R /opt/pyload-old/.pyload /opt/pyload/
cd /opt/pyload/
python --changedir --configdir=/opt/pyload/.pyload

This is the log of it:

10.08.2011 15:34:08 INFO Starting pyLoad 0.4.7
10.08.2011 15:34:08 INFO Using home directory: /opt/pyload/.pyload
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Activated plugins: CaptchaTrader, ClickAndLoad, ExternalScripts, HotFolder, MergeFiles, UnRar, UpdateManager
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Deactivate plugins: Ev0InFetcher, IRCInterface, MultiHome, RealdebridCom, RehostTo, XMPPInterface
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Downloadtime: True
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Starting ThriftBackend:
10.08.2011 15:34:11 INFO Free space: 212.01 GiB
10.08.2011 15:34:13 INFO Starting builtin webserver:
10.08.2011 15:34:14 INFO Activating Plugins…
10.08.2011 15:34:14 INFO pyLoad is up and running
10.08.2011 15:34:16 INFO No Updates for pyLoad
10.08.2011 15:34:16 INFO New version of hoster| : 0.22
10.08.2011 15:34:18 INFO *** Plugins have been updated, please restart pyLoad ***

The press “CTRL+C” to stop pyload which results in the following output:

10.08.2011 15:34:58 INFO shutting down…
10.08.2011 15:34:58 INFO killed pyLoad from Terminal

Now set the User again:

cd /opt/pyload/
python -u

This looks like this, i’ve marked my input bold:

/opt/pyload# python -u
Select action
1 – Create/Edit user
2 – List users
3 – Remove user
4 – Quit
[1]/2/3/4: 1

Username [User]: MyPersonalUser
Password: MyPasswordForUser
Password (again): MyPasswordForUser
Select action
1 – Create/Edit user
2 – List users
3 – Remove user
4 – Quit
[1]/2/3/4: 4

The Start pyload again:

/opt/etc/init.d/ start

If everything works, you can delete the previous version (otherwise you can go back to this version):

rm -Rf /opt/pyload-old

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8 thoughts on “Updating pyload to the newest version”

  1. Hello!
    Just a question:
    How about installing the ipkg given by the website instead of all these commands?
    Did you tried?

    ipkg install wget tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-lang-eng ossp-js unrar
    ipkg install pyload-v0.4.9-noarch.ipk
    pyLoadCore -s

    I tried it but don’t seems to work for me. Is it possible to make this work? (I have a Stora MS2110 NAS and followed your installation method months ago)

  2. Hi,

    I’ve installed pyload. When I run th last commands, pyton pyloadcore…., I get this error:

    root@Media:/opt/pyload# python --changedir --configdir=/opt/pyload
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/opt/pyload/", line 48, in 
        from import RequestFactory
      File "/opt/pyload/module/network/", line 22, in 
        from Browser import Browser
      File "/opt/pyload/module/network/", line 6, in 
        from HTTPRequest import HTTPRequest
      File "/opt/pyload/module/network/", line 20, in 
        import pycurl
    ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Any one can help me to solve this?

    I’ve a DNS-320 with fun_plug 0.5.


      1. A couple of questions.

        When I run the config, I get: PyQt4: missing. How does it affect running pyload?

        To change the download path, do I have to write the full path? /mnt/HD….

        Finally, I launch pyload but I can’t access. I try through web and pyload gui, but nothing. Port and adress are as config file defaults.

        Thanks in advanced.

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