Syntax Highlighting with nano – nanorc for configfiles

### all *conf files  (e.g. make.conf, xorg.conf, grub.conf, make.globals, Xfce files...)
syntax "configfiles" "(\.|/|)conf$" "(\.|/|)ample$" "(\.|/|)globals$" "xfce.*$" "syslog-ng" "sudoers"
color brightwhite "\<(alias)\>"
color blue "<(\\.|[^'])*>"
color magenta "[a-zA-Z0-9\_]+="
color white ">(\\.|[^'><])*</"
color green "//.*$"
color red ""(\\.|[^\"])*""
color red "title.*$" "\<(server)\>" "\<(logfile)\>" "\<(driftfile)\>" "\<(restrict)\>"
color white ":unscaled" "http\:\/\/" "ftp\:\/\/" "rsync\:\/\/"
color magenta "'(\\.|[^'])*'"
color brightwhite "[0-9]"
color brightwhite "[<>]"
color magenta "Section" "EndSection" "SubSection" "EndSubSection"
color red "\<(root)\>"
color brightred,blue "^.*-->" start="<!--.*" end="$"
color green "#.*$" start="<!--" end="-->"

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