Beta Firmware 2.01 Build 01 for the D-Link DNS-320 was released

D-Link has released Beta-Firmware 2.01 Build 01 for the D-Link DNS-320 on 01-Jun-2011 without me noticing it. Here you can see the Changelog:

1. [New Feature] Support for 3TB drives.
2. [BUG FIX] Apple Finder failed to browse file through Samba issue.
3. [New Feature] Support for Amazon S3 Cloud Backup.
4. [BUG FIX] Support WD My Book Essential 2TB USB 2.0
5. [BUG FIX] P2P shared folder now able to be hidden from FTP server
6. [BUG FIX] “Block unauthorized login of nobody, root and etc special users”
7. [Change] Block Raid Migration from DNS-323 (causing corrupted data)
8. [New Feature] Support for WebDAV.
9. [New Feature] WebDAV support Open Mode.
10. [BUG FIX] System time will be +1 hour after restart
11. [BUG FIX] If you apply a Samba share to FTP service, there is no way to disable it individually besides deleting the whole share from “Network Share”

Attention: This is BETA-Code, it might break your device, delete your data and eat your dog!

You can get the Firmware here at D-Link (Or from my Mirror).

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  1. 4. [BUG FIX] Support WD My Book Essential 2TB USB 2.0

    Does this mean that USB hard drive support is being added to the DNS-320. I was under the impression that only printers were supported via USB.

    Is this support for “backup to USB” or can I share a USB drive volume?

    1. USB drive support is already part of the current stable version of the firmware. You can mount a usb hard drive or usb flash drive and share them on the network. There is also a button on the 320 that you can press to back up the usb attached drive to the Drives mounted inside the device. This is a local file operation and involves no network overhead. There is no support for backup to USB, but you can copy your files to the mounted USB device manually. However, this will probably involve network overhead even though all the storage is mounted locally on the device.

  2. Finally ! I’m looking forward to applying it in my DNS 320 which i bought a few days ago but can you tell me first if i will finally be able to access it from OS X 10.6 over AFP or SMB without any hurt ? Did they correct every bug ?
    Oh and BTW, sorry for my English, I’m a french student. thx !

    1. It’s possible. With 10.7 you will have problems using AFP as Apple changed some stuff so that it won’t work.


  3. Would you happen to have any input on how to get a Windows 7 machine to recognise all 3TB? On the DLink utility it shows and formats all 3TB just fine, but it only displays and recognises about 700GB of usable space.

    Also, if you have any idea on why, even with gigabit connections, the transfer rate is still limited to about 20mb/s.


    1. D-Link only certifies the NAS for 2TB-Drives, i think this limitiation is not fixed yet. Sorry didn’t have the Release Notes in Mind. They should work, please contact D-Link Support, maybe they can help.

      Regarding the trasfer rate: Try using only the minimum of additional Tools and daemons (like mediaserver and so on) as these limit the transfer-speed.


    2. Just flashed my DNS-320 with the new beta 2.01 Did not fix the 3 Gig issue. Sorry, it is still reporting wrong size to Microsoft explorer…

      1. How did you got WebDAV work? I try to view my files in Windows Explorer but it doesnt work… I also tried Firefox and Internet Explorer but the same problems…

        Could you explain how you did it?

        Please answer to my mail address.

  4. Is it possible to use this NAS with time machine yet? I keep getting an error when I follow the different guides.

    I have noticed that the DNS 325 has a time machine app included. Will this be coming to the DNS 320 or is it possible to flash the 325 firmware onto the 320?

    1. I’m using it without any problem since last month on my 2x 1To RAID 1 DNS 320 storage. It has not been a problem with the stable firmware 2.0 too. Just activate it via the Application Page > Local Backups > TM > Enable.
      In the settings pane choose a share you made ONLY for TM. I created a folder in my Volume_1 main share, shared it, and activated TM for both shares. This way I can use the second one for TM without any problem and the first one works without the big folder copy bug.
      Hope that helps.

    2. Haven’t tried the TimeMachine as i don’t use a Mac, sorry.

      No it’s not possible to flash the DNS-325-Firmware on the DNS-320.


  5. If the board in a DNS-320 dies and if I had a RAID 1 config, will I be able to mount those drives on a Linux box and be able to recover the data?

      1. @Uli: Is it possible to use mdadm “checkarray” in the box or do I have to pull them out and run it on a pc? Does “Scan Disk” from the webinterface run mdadm checkarray or just a simple fsck /dev/md0?

        I’d like to run regular raid consistency checks if possible. Thanks for some additional info, Lampi

  6. Hi, I just got one trying to set up. Configured RAID1, formatted the full drive. But I cannot make different shares that I could assign to different users. I can make folders under Volume_1, but all user can see other users’ folders. I am using this for Mac, Win and Linux backups. I thought I could make different shares for each computer. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. You need to assign the users to Network Shares in the configuration. Just create the user in the panel, then go to the shares section and create a new one where the user can access.


      1. Hi, Uli. Thank you for your answer. The only problem is, when I create the RAID, it makes Volume_1. But I cannot make new shares in Network Shares section. I can only select Volume_1. Even though I created folders. Isn’t it possible that if you create a RAID-1 volume you cannot create shares under that. Meaning, that Volume_1 is is the root and no more folders? I tried to find a document online, but no one has this problem. Even the manual shows a raid volume but that not set up for the full capacity of the drive. And the rest is JBOD and the shares are under that.

        1. hi,
          I had the same problem!
          to do this you have to go to Management>Account Management>Network Shares>Network Shares Settings
          1- new
          2- next
          3- step1:click on volume_1 and subfolders will appear! chose the subfolder you want
          4- step2: specific user/group

          follow the steps
          and you’ll have a volume_1 subfolder shared.

          hope it will work for you


          1. Jeff, thank you. It was my fault. This click on Volume_1 thing… I’ve never actually clicked on the text itself… Say no more ­čśÇ

        1. Well mine is certainly bricked ­čÖü
          How it happened: I started him without any hdd. Later I started him again with an hdd but now software on it doesn’t work properly.
          I can only access him through windows network. Then I can see everything on it, but the website isn’t opening the power led doesn’t turn on, and I can still install ffp. Sadly though, I canÔÇÖt access him with telnet. ­čśÉ
          If anybody has an idea about what to doÔÇŽ
          I also reset it multiple times didnÔÇÖt helped at all.

          1. I don’t think its bricked…
            What is the IP address of the NAS?
            When you try to access the NAS through its Web interface, do you get an error? or is it just a timeout. Are you sure you are connecting to the right IP address? Maybe the NAS is on a dif IP address. Check the Network shares, what IP address are they on?

            Hope I could help. Good luck!

          2. You certainly did help.
            For some reason after the removal of my hdd it was reset to factory defaults and therefore it had not any longer a static IP. But the strange thing is that I had to reset my router before it displayed the new IP-address of it; it still displayed the old IP-address.

            But you made my week. Thanks!!

  7. Hi,

    I installed fun_plug on my DNS-320. Now I’m looking for additional packages, i.e. lynx. But I can find only stuff for the DNS-313. Is there any place where I can download these packages?


  8. Seems to, the beta 2.02 is not compatible with fun plug 0.5. I don’t know why, but when I reboot my box without fun plug beta 2.02 firmware works flawlessly. When fun plug is installed I can only login as root by SSH, but I can’t login to DNS firmware from webbrowser like earlier I did.
    Anyone has same troubles?

  9. i put the 2.01 firmware on and all my PCs show only show 2GB and not 4GB, the GUI for the DNS320 still shows it as four with to perfect 2GB disks, hopefully this 2.02 fw will address it

  10. As always make sure you backup your stuff before doing the firmware update. I just noticed that my P2P folder and share was removed when I did the upgrade. I did make sure everything was backed up before applying the new firmware so it’s not big of a deal for me but just want to make sure you don’t lose any data…

    The update did seem to take care of the AFP issue we were seeing. I can now connect from my iMac to the DNS320 using AFP, however transferring data is still pretty slow. I was hoping to get a speed boost with the update but NOPE it is just a slow as it was with SMB. I’ve been testing with a 6.67 GB file, with SMB it transfered at 16.17MB/s and with AFP it transfered at 16.13MB/s ­čÖü

  11. Why this nas (d-link 320) dont’t hibernate hard drives when torrent client is enable without runnning??is it possible for someone to compile a new firmware to fix this bug?

  12. i’m purchased dns-320 last week, which come with 2.00A1 fw, but until now my printer cannot work,the lp is visible in network and i’m able install the printer driver but it’s still not print,i’m already update 2.02b01 fw but still can’t print either .. can someone help me…
    my printer canon laserjet lbp6000 and using windows 7

  13. I put the 2.02b01 firmware on my DNS-320 and installed a 3 TB HDD. The installation of the fun plug 0.5 has also worked including ssh. Even the TwonkyMedia Server 6 works great.

    1. Hi, I can’t execute fun plug 0,5 on my DNS 320. The script is in volume_1 with 777 right and when I reboot nothing happens ?
      Have you an idea ?

  14. I have tested bug fix “P2P shared folder now able to be hidden from FTP server” but it does the same as before, this folder is still visible also after the firmware upgrade. Do you have the same problem?

    thank you.

  15. DNS-320 NAS with fonz fun_plug
    When I plug in an external HDD with NTFS
    It mounts fine, but only in read/only mode.
    the ntfs.ko says its for ready/only mode.
    Is there any way I can mount the external HDD as read/write? I would like to copy files to the HDD from the NAS, and its a lot faster through USB, than across LAN. FAT32 is not an option cause I need to copy HD movies (>4GB). Anybody know how I can get it to work. Is there a ntfs-3g driver available for the DNS-320?

  16. I just upgraded my DNS 320 firmware from 2.00 to 2.01 last night. Before i upgraded the firmware, i removed the fun_plug application because i didnt manage it to work, then i upgrade. Now, i can’t seem to write/save to my nas. It displays this error on my mac:

    The finder can’t complete the operation because some data in xxx (filename i want to save to the nas) can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)

    Read access, however, is ok.

    Please help.

  17. Hi,

    I tried to install the Fun plug-in as explained and nothing happened. Since most of you have succeded maybe you could explain, clearly, where the two files should go please. I put them in the topmost directory in volume_1.

    I restarted the DNS-320. I have the DLINKEu_DNS320.2.01b01(2.03.0512.2011)(BETA) installed. thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, that is where the two files go. You put them in the right place. After you put them there, you need to restart your DNS-320. Wait about 2 minutes, then connect to the DNS-320 through telnet. You can use PUTTY (free), just make sure telnet is selected, not SSH. After you logged in through telnet, you can start the SSH service, and well the tutorial basically explaints what else you need to do. Hope this helped, ask me if you have any other questions.

      1. Thanks but it was not so straight forward. I stumbled upon a post that solved my problem.

        The files do go as stated in your reply (thanks) but the post revealed that there were changes in the way the DNS-320 was organised and that now it went looking for the files in “/mnt/HD/HD_a2” instead of “/mnt/HD_a2”.

        Old entries :


        New entries :

        With these changes in the “fun_plug” script, things when great and I can now mess-up my DNS-320 if I want to ­čÖé


  18. yeah, I forgot to mention that ­čÖé When I set up my DNS-320 the tutorial I followed… forgot which one it was (google-d it) It was in the tutorial to set those symbolic links, so it would handle the DNS-320 as the DNS-323. Glad you got it working though. I would also like to suggest to you the 2.1 firmware, (if you don’t have it yet) I just upgraded, and its pretty awesome… Also I found the answer to my question I posted. NTFS read/write works on the new firmware YAY! And also the new WebGUI is lookin good ­čÖé Have fun messing up your DNS-320.
    (I suggest you install/use screen, its awesome if you are an SSH junkie like me:)

  19. As Tam├ísi Benjamin asks, why would I install that Beta release. There isn’t a “readme” file present to entice me.

    Does anyone know what are the new goodies?

  20. New in firmware 2.02
    I just upgraded, and I will list some changes that I noticed.

    * The Ajaxplorer bug is fixed! (in 2.01 it didn’t want to load for me)
    * Added feature – Web file manager

  21. * Ajaxplorer is working!
    * Added feature – Web File Server (not web file manager sorry)
    * Added feature – Amazon S3
    * ??? Remote Backup (is this new?… I never used it :S)

  22. Hi,
    is it possible to install something like a internet explorer or firefox to open a website and leave it on on dns-320?

    1. Please tell me more specifically what you would like to do? Because the DNS-320 does not have a display, you can only access it from a computer. So then, why would you want to install a browser on your NAS? If you want to set up a Web server on your NAS, that is possible. If you want to install a proxy server on your NAS, then that is also possible.

  23. Hi, thanks for replying. As I have a ip camera working like a CCTV. It needs to have a web browser on and logged into the ip camera management page so that it can record video. If not it will only take pictures. As I don’t really wish to leave my desktop on all the time just to have this function. So I was thinking if the DNS-320 can solve this issue or not.

  24. Could anyone please help me out with a permissions issue on my NAS 320?

    I have created a user with read only access to a certain folder but yet when I login as that user I am able to delete files from the aforementioned directory. This surely should not be the case. Can anyone tell me how to apply true read-only permissions to my folders and contents.

    I’m on fw 2.02

  25. Hi Guys, I bought a 320 from Ebuyer last week. I thought it was a good price £51!

    Got it all setup and I’m having a few problems. Just wondered if any one could help. I’ve upgraded the firmware to

    1.)The iTunes server is not visible on my iPhone ­čÖü
    2.)Is there anyway to setup a backup to the attached usb drive\device?
    3.)Is there anyway to lock the NAS down on the network, it seems the files are freely available for all to see,
    4.)Finally – does anyone have any recommendations on how to connect to the device while away, i.e. stream data?

    Thanks for all your help in advance ­čÖé

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