Beta Firmware 1.02 Build 01 for the D-Link DNS-325 was released

D-Link DNS-325D-Link has released Beta-Firmware 1.02 Build 01 for the D-Link DNS-325 on 01-Jun-2011 without me noticing it. Here you can see the Changelog:

1. [New Feature] Support for 3TB drives.
2. [BUG FIX] Apple Finder failed to browse file through Samba issue.
3. [New Feature] Support for Amazon S3 Cloud Backup.
4. [BUG FIX] Support WD My Book Essential 2TB USB 2.0
5. [BUG FIX] P2P shared folder now able to be hidden from FTP server
6. [BUG FIX] “Block unauthorized login of nobody, root and etc special users”
7. [Change] Block Raid Migration from DNS-323 (causing corrupted data)
8. [New Feature] WebDAV support Open Mode.
9. [BUG FIX] System time will be +1 hour after restart
10. [BUG FIX] If you apply a Samba share to FTP service, there is no way to disable it individually besides deleting the whole share from “Network Share”

Add-On Updates

Audio Streamer: DNS-325 audiostreamer Package v1.01
Photo Center: DNS-325 PhotoCenter Package v1.01
SqueezeCenter : DNS-325 squeeze_center Package v1.10
SqueezeCenter related : squeezeboxserver-7.5.3
Blog: DNS-325 Blog Package v1.01

Attention: This is BETA-Code, it might break your device, delete your data and eat your dog!

You can get the Firmware here at D-Link (Or from my Mirror).

4 thoughts on “Beta Firmware 1.02 Build 01 for the D-Link DNS-325 was released”

  1. 1.02 beta 3 is now on the server (I folled your link to the dlink site) – the file is dated 9 September 2011. I’m installing it as I type this…

  2. Hey guys… Got my self the dlink dns 325.. How do I find a fun_plug thats works with this one ? Just updated the firmware to 1.02. Please help me out 🙂

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