Transfer rate and Networkperformance of the D-Link DNS-325

After unpacking the D-Link DNS-325 i checked the performance of the DNS-325 in the Network. All these measurements were done in my home environment so be careful to see them as representative.


My environment:
The transfers are initiated from a pc with a onboard gigabit network adapter over gigabit-ethernet with a D-Link DGS-1005D as a switch in between (no other clients active, no Jumbo Frames used). Two Seagate 500GB 7200rpm-harddrives are used for storing the data in the NAS. The NAS with Firmware 1.00 gets set back to factory settings and the harddrives are formatted before every test which disables all server software except the samba server (for the network shares). I transferred a dummyfile with 2,2GB size once with windows 7 copy functions and once with TeraCopy. In all cases the transfer rates between the two tools didn’t differ.

The results:

  Write Read
ext3 – Single Disks 37MB/s 31MB/s
ext3 – RAID 0 38MB/s 35MB/s
ext3 – RAID 1 33MB/s 30MB/s

JBOD got the same results as single disks.

I’m really impressed when looking at that perfomance. If you compare it with the DNS-320, you get around 10MB/s more. Nice!

4 thoughts on “Transfer rate and Networkperformance of the D-Link DNS-325”

  1. on my dns-320 with wd 2tb the max rate transfer is 1.3 mb. cand speed up the rate transfer?

    1. Are too many servers running? How is your DNS connected to the network? There are many influences on the speed…


  2. that is really slow specially specially when you look at the price tag.
    pay more and go for synology ds410. its a better unit

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