Installation of Twonky Server 7 on NAS-devices

After a few requests i’ve now tried to install Twonky Server 7 on the NAS_Devices and i can tell you that it works. The following article describes the installation. Before you proceed please check here if Version 7.11-Special is still the current version. If not, please add a comment below.

This tutorial requires an installed fun_plug!


Please check if your NAS is listed here and have a look at the package name, you’ll need it below:

NAS-Name Package name of Twonky Server
D-Link DNS-323
Conceptronic CH3SNAS
D-Link DNS-323
D-Link DNS-320
D-Link DNS-321
D-Link DNS-325
D-Link DNS-343
D-Link DNS-345
Conceptronic CH3MNAS
Acer easyStore NAS
Kuro Box Pro

Now go to the download page of Twonky Server, search for the package name and replace the link to the package with the link below after the “wget“-Command. As an example the link for the Kuro box Pro package is placed below. Please execute the following commands in the commandline of your NAS-device:

mkdir -p /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
cd /ffp/opt/twonky
unzip twonky-*.zip
rm twonky-*.zip
chmod +x twonkyserver twonkystarter twonkyproxy twonkywebdav plugins/* cgi-bin/*
wget -O /ffp/start/
wget -O /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini
[[ $(ls -1 /mnt|grep -c HD_a2) -eq 0 ]] && sed -i -e 's!/HD_a2!/HD/HD_a2!g' -e 's!/HD_b2!/HD/HD_b2!g' /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini

Now test if it works:

sh /ffp/start/ start

If this command was executed fine, check port 9000 under the address of your NAS. (e.g. at

If you want to start Twonky on every boot of your device, enable it permanentely:

chmod a+x /ffp/start/

287 thoughts on “Installation of Twonky Server 7 on NAS-devices”

  1. Followed directions to a tee, did not work on DNS-320. No errors in command mode, but when I go to load the server in my web browser I get a 404 error…reverting back to v6

    1. Your choice, but maybe you should check if the commands really worked before going to the old one. Did you remove the directory before going to the v7? Did you stop the old twonky before installing the new one? If not, try to reboot. And add the output of:

      ps -ef|grep twonky

      after the reboot.


      1. The issue is Google Chrome. Even after reloading the browser and clearing everything, it will not load the configuration page for 7.0.5. I tried using and it loads fine.

        Success, DNS-320 + 7.0.5 Special

      2. Hi Uli. Please help. I’m new to this and got stuck at the last part. It doesn’t work.

        root@MediaLibrary:/ffp/opt/twonky# [[ $(ls -1 /mnt/grep -c HD_a2) -eq 0 ]] && sed -i -e ‘s!/HD_a2!/HD/HD_a2!g’ -e ‘s!/HD_b2!/HD/HD_b2!g’ /ffp/opt/twonkyserver-default.ini
        ls: cannot access /mnt/grep: No such file or directory
        ls: cannot access HD_a2: No such file or directory
        sed: can’t read /ffp/opt/twonkyserver-default.ini: No such file or directory

        Im trying to install Twonky 7 on my Dlink 320L NAS.

        Thank you!!!

    1. Uli recommended a fresh install for this version. Remove the old version saving the key you bought and just follow the instructions.

    1. ciao!
      per favore puoi aiutarmi?

      con windows 7, come faccio a eseguire la procedura per DNS-320?

  2. Hi! By following your tutorial I could successfully run twonky yesterday. But while it was searching for media it froze and since then I could not restart it. Even though I stopped it and started it again from putty, I cannot connect with the browser. How can I check what happened? Thank you

  3. Hi Guys,

    I have a DNS-325. I have installed fun_plug and then tried to install Twonky 7.0.5 and have come up with a problem.

    When I put in the command “sh /ffp/start/ start” it gives the response “route: SIOCADDRT: File Exists” and won’t go further.

    I can’t get Twonky to run or autostart. Can’t get to it from the browser.

    I would really appreicate the assistance as Linux is not my first language… 🙂

      1. Issue the stop first if that comes up:

        sh /ffp/start/ stop

        Maybe that helps. Then start again. Normally Twonky starts fine without interaction…. strange.


        1. Many thanks Uli,

          Just managed to get it going. I was running the wrong version of fun_plug.

          Deinstalled everthing following your guidelines on this page, and then re-installed with fun_plug 0.7. Now all working great.

          Many thanks for your help and directions, they are great.


  4. Hi,

    I’ve installed Twonky 7 on my DNS-320. When I try to play videos (any format) with my LG DP1W, it doesn’t display subtitles. Can anyone help me to solve this, in case it’s possible? Is there any way to get subtitles when playing videos through Twonky and DLNA? I’ve read some post in other webs, but I haven’t found any solution.

    Sorry for my poor english.


    1. it is not possible at the moment to stream subtitles from dlna servers. the only way to get subtitles to work is to watch the video via network share.


  5. I have DNS-325 with firmware 1.02, with fun_plug 0.7; two hard drives, no raid no jbod.
    tried twonky 7.0.5(no previous twonky iunstalled)
    “sh /ffp/start/ start” not starting!
    townky 6.0.39; works fine;
    what could be the cause of the problem?

    1. Don’t know. Did you follow the steps above correctly? If yes, what does

      ps -ef|grep twonky

      say when you start twonky 7?

      Best Regards,

      1. Hey Uli,

        sh /ffp/start/ stop
        sh /ffp/start/ start
        like you advised John R. and twonky 7.0.5 is now working on dns-325


  6. Hi Uli!

    Many, many thanks for your tutorial! I have a virgin D-Link DNS-320 NAS, followed your instructions and voilla! Twonky working first time!

    The supplied built-in media server is so poor, but now, thanks to your good self, I have a useable one!

    Thanks again for great instructions – they are spot-on.

    Kind Regards,


    You are the master. Thanks again!

  7. Having stupidly changed the fescan time setting to ‘-1′, I was no longer able to log into the Twonky interface.

    I followed the fun_plug tutorial, then reinstalled Twonky 7.0.5 and on executing “sh /ffp/start/ start” I was given a response “route: SIOCADDRT: File Exists” and wouldn’t go any further.

    To rectify this I used a solution from another user ‘Mark’ on here.

    I got things up and running again by stopping twonky, deleting the ‘data’ folder and starting twonky again.

    Do this by:

    1. log into your NAS root
    2. key in the following (DIRECTORY being the location of the Twonky ‘data’ folder. So your command should look something like this: rm -r ffp/opt/twonky/data):
      rm -r DIRECTORY
    3. Restart Twonky with: sh /ffp/start/ start
    4. To start Twonky on every boot of your device, and to enable it permanentely key in:
      chmod a+x /ffp/start/

    Hope this may shed some light on any issues you may have. Just like to point out that I’m not a linux person so will probably be unable to answer any other linux questions!! 🙂

    Many thanks Uli for your hardwork! Once I’m paid from work, I’ll treat you to a beer’.


    1. Hi Henguist. The same happened to me after installing twonky. I tried to delete the data folder but it cannot be deleted. It prompts me the following error message:

      rm: cannot remove `ffp/opt/twonky/data': No such file or directory

      But it turns out that the data folder is indeed in such directory. Should I try to re-install twonky. How can I uninstall it?

      I know you told that you are not a linux guy, but if someone else reads this and can help me, I will appreciate it.

      1. Just ran into the same problem having changed the scan to -1.

        Have tried the solution above but get the same data directory error.

        Have stoped Twonky before trying to delete the data directory.

        root@NAS:~# sh /ffp/start/ stop
        root@NAS:~# ps -ef|grep twonky
        root 23419 5502 0 17:50 pts/0 00:00:00 grep twonky
        root@NAS:~# rm -r ffp/opt/twonky/data
        rm: cannot remove `ffp/opt/twonky/data’: No such file or directory

        Any thoughts please as this is my first experience with Linux and am out of my depth.

        Many thanks

        1. I had the same thing – do cd.. a couple of times to get your path back to the root (it will show /ffp/home# on the first cd.. and then /ffp# and then one final cd.. will get you back to root).
          Then use the “rm -r ffp/opt/twonky/data” command and it should work.
          Then use the start command and re-apply the auto start command…

          I broke mine the same way – note to self, when it works, leave it alone!


    2. I also ran into this problem twice!!! 😀 Just figured out, that it was because of the -1 🙂

    3. Hi
      To undo this use Windows Explorer to connect to NAS
      1. Browse to X:\ffp\opt\twonky\data
      2. Edit file twonkyserver.ini in notepad
      3. Find in text minutesscantime=-1 and change to 0
      4. Save file in top directory (do not rename)
      5. Login to sharecenter (http://)
      6. Go to Applications>Web file server
      7. Paste just edited twonkyserver.ini to X:\ffp\opt\twonky\data

      Twonky works again.

  8. Hey there, I have a DNS-320 with ffp installed, and I just downloaded the Kuro Box Pro release, and followed the guide above. Everything works great until starting the process, when I get the following error:

    .: 6: Can’t open /ffp/etc/ffp.subr

    Opening the in nano, I see that line 6 is:

    . /ffp/etc/ffp.subr

    I don’t have an ‘etc’ folder in the ffp folder though, only ‘opt’ and ‘start’. Is that normal?

    Any help would be appreciated 🙂

      1. Hey Uli,

        When viewing the network drive in windows I could see:


        But when I used putty to access Squeeze (logged in as root), my top level directory didn’t have an ffp folder. I had to edit the to change line 6 to:


        This seems to have worked so far 🙂

        1. keep on having the same problem,
          when i do :

          sh /ffp/start/ start

          it says :

          : command not foundh: line 2:
          : command not foundh: line 5:
          : No such file or directory6: /ffp/etc/ffp.subr

          i tried to change that line for the complete path (/mnt/HD_a2/ffp/etc/ffp.subr) but have the same result.

          the ffp.subr is where it’s suppose to be.

          both files are edited by notepad++ in ANSI encoding (tried UTF-8 for the same result)

          Please someone help me ?


          1. The correct path is /mnt/HD/HD_a2/ffp/etc/ffp.subr for DNS-320.

            You have to modify the and all the config files..


  9. All,

    I removed version 6.0.39 (I think) and tried installing 7.0.7 (after purchasing the licence).

    Now I get “route: SIOCADDRT: File exists” and when I navigate to port 9000 of my NAS drive, I get a “404 Not Found” error.

    Can someone help me remove the version so I can install it again?

      1. I removed the twonky folder and tried and it worked (version 7.0.5 as mentioned in the tutorial).

  10. How do I uninstall the previous version correctly?

    I just deleted the twonky directory in opt.

    1. Hello Zahir,

      the newest version for the desktop environment can differ from the nas environment as i needs time to be compiled for the nas and sometimes the fixed bug is not valid for nas. Thus, just install the latest version for nas and you have the maximum of available features on your nas.

      Best Regards,

  11. Installed and working. I am also using MiniDLNA. Any reason why Twonky is better and worth paying for? I don’t believe this setup is doing any transcoding?

    1. Hello wcg,

      try it and post back with the differences. MiniDLNA has addad a hole bunch of additional features in the latest version, so this might be “enough” for your needs.

      Best Regards,

  12. Hello Uli,

    I am trying to install Twonky NAS DNS-323 as per your instructions above. I am using Putty as my terminal. I have gone as far as the wget cmd and I see that the zip was downloaded to the NAS. However, I am unable to unzip it. I get error with the following

    unzip: invalid zip magic 4F44213C

    Can you please guide me on what could be possibly wrong? Thank you.

    1. I think that the downloaded file is corrupt. Try again the wget command to re-download the zip file. If that solves the problem, you should be able to continue with the installation steps

      I hope this will help.



  13. I appear to have installed Twonky as it appears as I have a server called “Twonky bu” in my list of servers but it doesn’t contain my files. Do I have a link to your Nas drive?

    1. Hi,

      no you don’t. All data (although you see none apparently) is just yours 😉

      Check the Path to the Files in the Settings and adjust if needed. Does Twonky run correctly? Check with

      ps -ef|grep twonky

      if not sure.

      Best Regards,

  14. Hello Uli,

    A new version of twonky is available now.

    Is there a way to update the current one I am using 7.0.5 or should I do a clean install if the new version i.e. delete the old version



  15. I was running fun_plug 0.5 and twonky 6.

    I have since removed both and installed fun_plug 0.7. After following the installation process above for twonky 7, the daemon will not start.

    Executing “sh /ffp/start/ start” doesn’t start twonky.

    Attempting to start the daemon manually with the command in the script: /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkystarter -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/ >/dev/null 2>/dev/null </dev/null &"

    give the following error:

    "-sh: /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkystarter: No such file or directory"

    The file exists and has the executable bit applied. Any ideas?

    1. Yeah I am getting this exact same problem, it’s gotta be one of the weirdest errors I’ve ever seen.

      twonkystarter is an ELF executable though so using sh doesn’t work on my system (Ubuntu 12 Server in VMWare ESXi VM on a HP MicroServer).

      I have tried all sorts of different tricks, there seems to be no way in which this could be happening. Inode problem?

    2. Sussed it. Read the Linux-HowTo file. If you are running Debian 64-bit linux you need to download the 32-bit compatibility libs (apt-get install ia32-libs)


  16. Looks like Twonky have a half price deal on licences …

    TwonkyServer License (v4.4.18 thru v5) / GBP 13.64 (including taxVAT / Discount (50%) / GBP -6.82 = Total: GBP 6.82
    TwonkyManager v3 / GBP 13.64 (including taxVAT / Discount (50%) / GBP -6.82 = Total: GBP 6.82

    Also looks like 7.0.8 is the latest for nas boxes …

    Installed and working on DNS-320, thanks Uli and others.

  17. Does anyone know what the difference between 7.0.5 and 7.0.8 is?

    I have 7.0.5 and was wondering if it’s worth the trouble of upgrading.

    Thanks in advance

  18. Dear Uli,

    I have set a username and a password for the Twonky page, which i forgot what they were. is there a way to recover them, or to revert back to the default one i.e. no username and password?

    I am running kuro-box-pro-special-7.0.8 on DNS-325.


  19. Thanks a mill, working great.. Quick question, is there a mod to enable trans-coding for viewing through ps3?


  20. I get all the way to starting the server and get a segmentation fault.

    DNS-321 1.03

    1. So figured out the packages in update were 0.5 not 0.7, got that all sorted out… Got twonky running but I get 404 on http://my-nas:9000.

      ps -ef|grep twonky returns
      2375 root grep twonky.

      whats next?

  21. Hi,
    Mytwonky ver6 works ok till date. Any plus for me to upgrade? Can’t find any documents on the enhancement.

    Appreciate ur sharing

    1. @all with Twonky7 running:


      Same question from me.
      Is there any advantage which should lead me to upgrade to Twonky7?


  22. I have installed 7.08 and bought a licence but I have a “trial version expired” error. Tried stopping and restarting Twonky but still get he same error.

  23. Got it working, on my DNS-323 when setting up my shared Folders all I get is /HD_a2 , /HD_b2 , /H_a4 , /HD_b4

    I have volume 1 and volume 2 set up on my NAS all my movies are on volume 2 and music and data on volume 1 (where twonky is loaded)

    Can I only share data from the volume twonky is stored on?

  24. Hi I have fun plug and mytwonky 7 installed on my DNS323.
    I have been streaming content but and all is working well except one thing…
    I cannot log into my DNS323 through the web gui any longer…I want to enable Jumbo Frames and change some other settings but I cannot. i get an error saying that OnLY The administrator can use this account.
    Do i need to stop a service if so how?

  25. Does anyone have problem with TAGS when Twonky generates the Library?

    I’ve found some weird behavior with perfect MP3 tagged files, sometimes it cannot clasify artist, genre, etc..

    I’m running 7.08 special (paid)

    any toughts?

  26. When I try and unzip, I get the message unzip: not found. The same goes for what I thought was dir to see whether the file had downloaded. HELP!!! Thanks.

    1. “dir” is “ls -al” on linux 😉

      try “/ffp/bin/unzip” instead of “unzip”, maybe that works. If not, you have a serious problem 😉


      1. Thanks for that Uli. I am therefore assuming that as I created the directory ffp for the twonky installation – that the unzip utility would have been included in the twonky zip. But of course I can unzip the twonky zip then I can get access to unzip – but of course I can’t unzip…. you get my logic.

        Is the unzip utility part of the linux install? I looked in bin under the root – but I can’t find zip. Not sure of the equivalent of the DOS equivalent of dir unzip* /s (search all subdirectories from the current directory).

        Thanks. Leigh.

        1. Hello Leigh,

          unzip is part of the FFP distribution, therefore its located under /ffp/bin/unzip 🙂 Its not contained in twonky.

          if you want to find unzip, you could use “find”. E.g. “find / -name unzip”.

          Best Regards,

          1. Hi Uli – sorry. Does the FFP distribution come with the DNS? Or is it a download. Sorry for my stupid questions. Thanks. Leigh.

          2. Hi Uli – so I got that point – got Fonz installed, got my dns setup correctly – but then I get the message

            Cannot write to `′ (No space left on device).

            On the shares – there is space left, but am assuming it is writing or trying to write somewhere where this is no space. Any ideas? Thanks. Leigh.

  27. Hi,

    I have successfully installed Twonky Media Server 3 times now on my Dlink DNS-320.

    I just have one question – When the NAS restarts I have to re-setup the entire Twonky Media Server from the beginning as it does not start

    How can I ensure that it loads even after the NAS resarts and that I dont have to keep reloading it?

    Any help with this is much appreciated as the standard DNS-320 UPNP server is not even worth mentioning

    I have found Twonky Media to be far better and I have purchased a license for it since last night.

    Thank you.


      1. Hi Uli,

        Thanks for the feedback.

        I have done that but on restart the Twonky Page (http://MYNAS:9000) loads a page: “NOT FOUND”

        I am not sure if perhaps there is something else that can be done?

        Does removing telnet help this to work or is that an optional step?

        Thank you.

    1. Hello Kyle,

      after reboot, please check the process list (ps -ef|grep twonky) and check if twonky is running. If not, then check if it could be started manually?

      sh /ffp/start/ start

      Best Regards,

      1. I have re-run that script now, restarting the NAS to see if maybe it works after the re-run.

        Will keep you updated.

        Thank you.

      2. Hi Again,

        It is working now after re-running that script!

        Very happy with this NAS drive now!

        Please can you advise if there is a problem setting the Refresh interval of the server to -1 so that it constantly refreshes?

        Thank you again for all the help 🙂

        1. Hello Kyle,

          there is new fix available, i just need to check a few things before releasing it as an advised change from my side. In the meantime, run it without using this option.

          Best Regards,

          1. Hi Uli,

            What’s about the fix to resolve the scan interval issue when value set to -1?


  28. Hi

    I have installed twonky server as described in tutorial, but when i try to start it I get this error message:

    /ffp/start/ line 1: syntax error: redirection unexpected

    What Im doing wrong.?

  29. I’ve installed Fun Plug and Twonky on my DNS320 NAS.

    Set up Twonky so that is shows folders.

    When I play photos from Panasonic BDT120 blu-ray player, everything seems to work well except after showing a number of photos I get an error message:

    “cannot connect please confirm network connection and settings”

    I then have to start again.

    I’m very new to this, not happy with the installed media server on the NAS and really thought that Twonky was the solution!

    Is there something I can do to fix this? Or is there a better media server I can install?

  30. I have a simular issue as the person above my post.

    I setup the Twonky server to my DNS320 Nas and connected it to my Samsung UE46es56300 via Wlan.

    When i start watching i.e. a movie it works for about half an hour and then the connection is lost and i can only see the NAS again after restarting the TV.

    Any thoughts on that?

    Also what limitations do i have with this Twonky Trial version (or does it shut down after 30 mins?)

  31. Hi everyone…

    I just bought the D-Link sharecenter 320 and i’m thinking to install the fun_plug and then the twonky… but i have a question… after being installed how it will work? how is the interface? will i see something like XBMC or will there only be a media server and will decode the files to the tv?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi danielfrp,

      you could access the shared files with your tv as long as your tv is compatible. Sometimes Blu-Ray-Players are also compatible. Twonky will then not be visible to the viewer, this software just acts more or less as a provider for files.

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Uli,

        so it´s like a media server working in the nas… but how do i config him to be the default?? how do i manage twonky?

        Sorry about this i’m new on this :S

        Many thanks

  32. Hi,
    I’ve installed 7.09 version on D-Link 320. It works, but there was some issues:
    1. twonkyproxy service hasn’t start. I’ve modified permissions on it and add a row in to start also this service.
    2. Now I have issues with remote access, the links are generated with internal IP.


    1. Hi red_devil,

      could you post the line for twonkyproxy in What is twonkyproxy doing?

      With the remote access i do not really have a solution, maybe there is a setting of which i don’t know.


  33. Uli, You are phenomenal, absolutely great. Your tutorial are straightforward, well done and working really well. I have DNS-320 and built-in UPNP is not working at all. After I installed Twonky 7, I can do what I was not able before. Thank You again. Very big THUMBS UP

  34. When i used twonky 4.* it scanned all of my music folders and found the the album covers as well. with the last 2 versions 6.* and the latest 7.0.9 it does not find the photos. Does anyone have any Idea as to why? I’ve tried things like shared music+photos and 2 seperate shared folders, one for music and one for photos, still no go. By the way, the above instructions worked fine for my dlink dns-323

  35. english:

    Excellent, works perfectly with DNS-320, one must purchase a license and ready, I recommend this Twonky server


    Excelente, funciona perfectamente con DNS-320, solo se debe comprar una licencia y listo, recomiendo este servidor twonky

  36. Hi, I installed ffp 0.7 fine, also installed twonky v. 7 while the DNS-325 was running on firmware 1.03. At starting twonky the twonkserver didn’t start, it indicated “defunct” status at the output of grep. In reverted back to firmware 1.02 and voila… everything works. Since firmware 1.03 is supporting Dlink cloud I suspect there could be a port conflict with the cloud setup… would be good however to find a fix for having both Dlink cloud and twonky running on the latest 1.03 firmware…

  37. Hi, update to my previuos comment. Once I successfully set up Twonky 7 on the 1.02 firmware after I upgraded back to the 1.03b03 firmware it started up and working properly. I’m not sure what the issue could be between this and the 1.03 (issued on the US portal) version, but it works now.

  38. Hi Uli,

    I installed the fun plug and twonky fine. it worked for a few days. Now twonky doesn’t run, I tried loggin in and i got this message

    “login as: admin
    admin@‘s password:
    Could not chdir to home directory /home/admin: No such file or directory
    Last login: Thu Nov 8 18:32:19 2012 from

    BusyBox v1.11.2 (2012-06-14 12:02:06 CST) built-in shell (ash)
    Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands.”

    Does that mean there is an issue with the fun plug?



  39. Hi…I’ve just installed fun plug and twonky 7.0.9 and it’s great GREAT GREAT!!!
    Thanks a lot to ULI and his great tutorial.
    I’ve only a little question.
    I need to install twonty because my TV Samsung UE46es5500 doesn’t work with my NAS D-Link DNS-320, and now thanks to TWONKY it’s working fine…but when I start twonky (in source menu on the TV) i see different choice like BY DATE, BY FOLDER, ALL VIDEOS..etc etc….i’ve to select BY FOLDER and then can see all my videos…Can I avoid this step?…can i directly jump to BY FOLDER choice???
    Another question…can i change VOLUME_1 for my NAS???

    1. About skipping the step, I doubt its possible unless you somehow modded the twonky on the TV. Ehat do you want to change about volume_1? the name? You can change its name by editing the samba conf files. There is no option in the dns-320 to change the name, but it is possible

    2. Hi,

      go to your config, you can disable the other folder besides ALL VIDEOS and BY FOLDER, but you cannot skip this step without going deeper into twonky.

      Volume_1 is fixed, but you can of course just move everything one level down and create a new setting in the webinterface for this folder.

      Best Regards,

  40. Thanks to ULI and HALFTOME for their answers…How can i go deeper into twonky???
    I need to access through SSH (with putty?)what about command line?
    PS: i’m not an expert 🙁

  41. I have installed Twonky on one of my 2 drives in my DNS-323 successfully. It fully scans all the content on the one drive but did not scan files on the second harddrive in the same DNS-323. So I installed another version of Twonky on that second drive and added the directories manually to the configuration settings (ie. //DLINK-73A689/Volume_2/TV Shows 2)on the second. I am still not able to navigate to the ‘Volume 2’ content even after I installed a version of Twonky on it. Any ideas why it isn’t working?

  42. i just came to say that i followed these instructions for my DNS-343 and everything worked PERFECTLY! thank you so much! i have ALWAYS been disappointed in the built-in UPnP server in these devices and you have just made my day!

  43. Hi to all,
    great guide and very nice feature. I’m new about Twonky and Dlink, but which is the main different between this 2 media server?
    Twonky in which feature is better respect internal and native media server?

    now i will test twonky un this trial period but is someone tell me main different, this is will be very apprezziated.


  44. Second question… 🙂

    Is there a way to re-encode runtime video during streaming in order to convert video to common video format?
    try to explane…

    I have an xStreamer player that can play HD video and multichannel audio also have an xbox360 and an STB that i would like to view video without re-encode for xbox/STB in order view movie.

    This device can’t stream video with DTS audio and i don’t want to lost DTS track, that i will use on xtreamer player.

    Do you have an idea?
    How i can stream HD video to a multiple device without create a copy in low resolution?

    For istance i have:

    StarWars collection in HD,mkv,DTS and this video is playable only on xtreamer, xbox360 and STB cn’t play it.
    I need to re-encode without DTS… 🙁 in order to stream to all my device but i don’t want to lost DTS track….

    some ides?


  45. I got a problem, I changed the Scanthingy to -1… Twonky crashed and since then I cant get it to start…
    If i run: ps -ef|grep twonky
    I get the following :
    4050 root grep twonky

    But using doesnt work, and the server isnt visible anywhere…

    I have tried EVERYTHING(?) removed the data folder, completely uninstalled the fun_plug and then reinstall twonky, but the same…

    This is really sad… twonky worked VERY well until I changed scan- to -1…

    Any tips would be very appreciated!!:)

  46. I have successfully installed the Twonky Server kuro-box-pro-special-7.0.9 on DNS-325 as per the instruction. I am trying to purchase the license, but since I am windows user do I need to purchase TwonkyManager or TwonkyServer? Any help would be appreciated.

  47. I installed twonky 7.0 to dns-323, and want to thank this site as perfect. works well, streaming to my wdtv and iphone/ipad. Now I want to buy a license, can you advice which one should i purchase, twonky manager or twonky server? thanks


  48. Hi all

    to fix the -1 bug login root and type:

    sh /ffp/start/ stop
    rm -r /ffp/opt/twonky/data
    sh /ffp/start/ start

    and your all done;)

  49. Hi all,

    Thanks for this tutorial.
    Is this working for DNS-313 NAS ? I’ve tried to setup twonky with 7.0.9 version for DNS-323 but it doesn’t work : twonkystarter does not launch.

    Any idea ?


  50. Hi Uli great work!! I’ve installed Twonky on my DNS-320 and all works fine, but I was looking for a solution to play mkv and mp4 files on xbox 360…any suggests??

  51. Hi, I’ve installed twonky exactly 1 month ago…now when i try to surf folder with my Samsung Smart TV, it doesn’t find any video file, and when i try to play music it find only a file that tell to me that i have an evaluation copy of twonky and i’ve to insert licenze code….please help me!

  52. Hi, no luck with version 7 on my CH3SNAS. It installs easilly with no errors, after starting the program I get no response on port 9000. Tried the installation again after a deinstall, no luck. After this i tried version 6, this works perfectly. Any idea what I can do to diagnose why version 7 does not run?

  53. Hi, I’ve installed twonky yesterday and immediately start to ask me for license key “Your trial version has expired. If you have previously entered a license key, try restarting your device running TwonkyServe”.

    Please help!

  54. There is a new version of Twonky: 7.1.2 (special?, so it says is the file name). Would it work with this instructions? The download page link at the beginning of the tutorial doesn’t work anymore (they changes the pages, it seems), so I don’t see a specific version for my NAS (there is only one to download). I have a DNS-323 FW: 1.10 and installed fun_plug oabi (arm not supported).

  55. Hello,

    I tried both 7.0.9 and 7.0.11 and got no luck on my DNS-320 running fw 2.00.

    I’m able to install and access the web interface, but neither my cellphone or my smart TV detect the Twonky server.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  56. I used this guide and it works fine.
    The only problem i run into was that i had to downgrade my firmware to 1.02 (i had te 1.03 installed)

    There is a Twonky S version 7.0.11 now, but i am a really newbie and dont know how to update from 7.0.9 to 7.0.11

    Could some help me or point me in de good direction?

    Thanks in advanced!

  57. I have a CH3SNAS and maybe I will use Twonkey server. This is for use between my Samsung TV and the CH3SNAS. Please can someone answer my questions:

    Which version of twonkey server I can use?
    Does every version of twonkey needs a license key?
    If so, how can I purchase a license key?


  58. Good night.
    Sorry for my translation.
    Installed a DNS_320 ffp and Twonky7. Have all worked. Why then reached into the network access. I can not say exactly what he did, but I stopped working Twonky7. When you start writing: “route: SIOCADDRT: File exists”.
    Help solve the problem.

  59. i have installed twonky on my dlink 320 as you instructed.. but how do i test whether it works ? am i able to see it on my NAS even if my pc is off?

    1. You should really know why you install Twonky 😉 You have replaced the DLNA/UPNP Server on your NAS, so check your TV 😉

      Best Regards,

    2. ok i managed to see “Twonky by” on my ps3 but when i clicked on it it says there are no titles. why is that? i have 10 movies saved in my NAS but i dont see it on my ps3.. please help..

      1. Hello,

        did you check the webinterface of Twonky if you have included that directory where the files are stored?

        Best Regards,

        1. i am at the web interface of twonky now.. where do i configure the directory of the media folders stored in my NAS

  60. thats what i exactly did… already added those shared files..
    note however.. when i scanned my ps3 for media servers.. there are two twonkys…
    first twonky is the one on my pc..
    and the second twonky server is the

    are there suppose to be two? how do i exactly configure from the webinterface of the wolfui twonky?

  61. need help how do i access the webinterface of the twonky server on my NAS. it appears that all this while the webinterface that i have been accessing on it the twonky server for my pc not the NAS.

      1. Hi Uli.

        I installed Twonky on my DNS-320 last night and I was able to get to the web interface. It started building the libraries. Then tonight, I cannot get to ! It gives me an error everytime:

        Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

        I did a “ps -ef|grep twonky” and get:

        root 4478 1 0 23:36 ? 00:00:00 /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkystarter -logfile /dev/null -appdata /ffp/opt/twonky/data/

        root 4479 4478 7 23:36 ? 00:00:00 [twonkyserver]

        Can you think of anything I can try?

        Thank you sir!

          1. doesn’t print the word d e f u n c t for some reason. That is what it has at the end of the line. Of course without the spaces.

  62. Hi,but on zyxel nsa320 is it possibile to upgrade twonky version 7.1.2 special from 7.0.9?My only problem is that i don’t see sub on my ps3 or smart tv by network but only video.Instead if i install twonky server on my notebook i see also sub.mah!!!

  63. it works perfectly fine for me. Running Twonky 7 on my DNS 320. Now just need to purchase the key – my trial ending soon

  64. Hi dio thanks for the answer!how do you do it?my files mp4 with srt with same name don’t work also without special characters!i had contact zyxel and they confirm me that it not works with last firmware

  65. @Alex: srt with special name is not working due because the URL generated will be invalid. You’ll probably need to rename it to a normalized name.

    1. Thanks,

      it was updated over the past years, but it seems as if this is not done anymore. Thanks for the comment.

      Best Regards,

  66. Btw, Uli , did you manage to stream Twonky over Internet ? I tried to edit this file /ffp/opt/twonky/data/twonkyserver.ini :


    I also restart twonky and reboot NAS.
    But no luck ! Any idea ?!

    1. Hi
      Just change extension from mp4 to mpg and it will work.
      Also check if file name is not too long or contains not allowed marks. Happens when file downloaded form torrentz

  67. Hi Uli, Just to say thanks for an excellent guide to installing funplug and Twonky – works fine for me on a DNS-320, and I can finally stream my entire MP3 library to a HUMAX HD-FOX T2 box. One small thing – after copying and pasting the example code for getting the Kuro Box Pro Twonky source, I noticed that the ‘7.0.11-Special’ text in the example needs to be ‘7.0.11-special’ to match the the website, and as it’s case-sensitive, I got a ‘not found’ error first time I tried it.

  68. Hi guys,

    After reading and reading i decided to post my problem :

    I manage to install Twonky on dns320. Web interface working, I can acces it from laptop, playing vids on media player..all working. The problem is that i can’t connect to it with my samsung tv 32D5000. Allshare on Tv is working with my laptop also.

  69. got it up and running adding an extra switch on the network. it seems like the router was blocking the acces from the tv to nas .

    One more question, this version of twoky it will activate by purchasing Twonky Server 7
    licese ?


  70. I have a problem trying to download twonky server 7 to my Dlink 320.

    I have installed fun-plug and it works but each time I try to download twonky 7 using the tutorial,after the

    command, I get the error 404 not found

    I am completely unfamiliar with linux but can see that it does resolve the website but caonnot then connect to the download area in order to get the file.

    I tried downloading the file and putting it in volume_1 but I cannot then move it to the Twonky directory as I don’t seem to have permission.

    Any help would be appreciated


    1. Installed latest version on my DNS-323 from

      Same error as above “chmod:cannot access ‘twonkywebdav’: No such directory.”

      Twonky 7.2.1 release note says that “Twonky WebDAV server abandoned”. Which explains why ‘twonkywebdav’ directory isn’t found.

      Works as it’s supposed to. I say that because still there is no support for AIFF ID tags in Twonky. So all my music collection AIFF files are “unknown album”, “unknown artist”, and “unknown genre”.


  71. Hello,
    I have Twonky Server 7.0.11 Special running on my Dlink DNS-321. I can observe on my router that Twonky is opening thousands of TCP connections on port 80 to which is affecting performance of the NAS, Twonky and the router.

    Disabling mytwonky subnodes as per the following article didn’t solve the issue:

    Twonky is not willing to provide any support for products running on NAS even though I paid for the license so I decided to post here. I would appreciate any assistance in configuring Twonky server further and preventing it from opening this many connections to


  72. Hi there, could you please help me? I have Twonky 7.0 installed (the one from the top of the page), this is trial version but I like it and will probably buy. But could you please tell me how on earth can I get to the settings page? The web interface let me change settings only once when I first time started it. Since then I can’t get to it, Chrome or IE show only te logo, menus to videos, photos and music and link to Please help to reach the settings page. And could you please instruct how to uninstall it properply to install the new version?

  73. Hi,
    When I installed Twonky on DLink DNS320 long time ago, I used Now I can see from that twonky server is already in Version 7.2.

    1.) can I use that ver 7.2 on my DNS320? Filename:

    2.) If I can use it, what are the steps to do to update my present version? sorry Im no expert with linux systems. btw I purchased a license for my copy

    thank you

      1. The same question – how to correct update for DNS-320 from 7.0.11 to 7.2.1??? Please help us.

        1. Close twonky if it is running:
          cd /ffp/start
          sh stop

          Wait until it is closed fully.

          Now copy your Data folder, and remove twonky:
          cd /ffp/opt
          mv ./twonky/data /ffp/opt/twonkydata
          rm -R twonky

          Then do a reinstall:
          mkdir -p /ffp/opt/twonky/
          wget http://LINK-TO-ZIP
          unzip twonky-*.zip
          rm twonky-*.zip
          chmod +x twonkyserver twonkystarter twonkyproxy twonkywebdav plugins/* cgi-bin/*
          wget -O /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini
          [[ $(ls -1 /mnt|grep -c HD_a2) -eq 0 ]] && sed -i -e 's!/HD_a2!/HD/HD_a2!g' -e 's!/HD_b2!/HD/HD_b2!g' /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini

          Move the data folder back:
          cd /ffp/opt
          mv ./twonkydata /ffp/opt/twonky/data

          Start twonky to see if it works:
          cd /ffp/start
          sh start

          1. I missed out one command. At reinstall, do this:
            mkdir -p /ffp/opt/twonky/
            cd twonky
            wget http://LINK-TO-ZIP

            then the rest.

  74. Thanks for this tutorial….i recently bought a 320L NAS and i was thinking to send it back to store when i realized that didnt stream mkv to my TV…

    with twonkyserver running on it….my nas is awesome now.

  75. Hi Uli,

    in order to update my current twonky kurobox-pro 7.0.9 to 7.0.11 on my dns-325 i did the following:

    stopped, deleted /ffp/opt/twonky, did a nas reboot, then followed your instructions to install twonky

    everything works fine, except for the fact that when i enter my license key, i still get the message “trial version”

    any suggestions?

  76. Hi! Thanks so much for your tutorials. So far I have been using Twonky for months now. But I recently realized I wanted to access it remotely. I would love to open up remote access on a port, but to do that, I need to get to edit your twonkyserver-default.ini file. I can’t run nano. I can’t sudo mv another copy of the .ini file. I don’t know what else to do now to get to copy/move a new .ini file or edit the .ini for my configuration. Thanks!

    1. nevermind. i installed debian to get deluge working and reinstalled twonky. went without a hitch. thanks!!

  77. how to make mini images (miniature) то show with twonky on DNS-320?

    in other tutorial i read that:

    “apt-get install imagemagick ffmpeg”

    but this not working!

    What will i can do ?

    1. Hi everyone,
      Can’t acces to any package of twonky for my DNS320. Do you have a good URL to download an up-to-dat kurobox file for my NAS ?

  78. Thx Uli ! works fine on my DNS320.
    Subsidiary question is there any version who take consideration of srt with any video extension ?

  79. Hello,

    I own a storage LaCie Network Space MAX and would like to use version 7.2.1, but I do not know which file to use. Could anyone help me?

    Thank you.

  80. Thanks for helping me. When I try to start the service with “twonkyserver start”, I get the following message:

    For image conversion and scaling the TwonkyServer utilizes ImageMagick. For details on the license please see ./cgi-bin/convert-readme.txt

    How do I install the ImageMagick package, on the NAS? I tried apt-get install … but it does not recognize the command.

    1. Okay I got a reply: Imagemagick is included inside that Twonky build so you should not need to do anything else, the message is simply legal stuff that Twonky has to display.

      You do not need to install Imagemagick yourself.

      Twonky should now be working for you if you get that far.

  81. Hello,

    I installed 7.2.1 (thanks to Erbkaiser) on my DNS-320 and it seemed to install fine.

    However when I start it and browse to the page on port 9000 it is still awaiting activation.

    Should there be a trial with this automatically or do i need to buy a license to get it working?

    1. There is no more trial/free version as of 7.2

      You can probably still try out the software by using 7.12-RC1 or an older build, but if you want to run it for longer or go directly to 7.21 you need to buy a server license.

  82. Hi,
    I’am lost with all these versions.
    What’s the difference between the ‘special’ and not ‘special’ version ? ( AND
    Can someone tell me what’s is the latest version for a DNS-320 nas ?
    Thanks a lot

      1. Thank you erbkaiser…
        Is the installation method the same that the one at the beginning of this web page ?

          1. Well, I’ve tried to install latest version here : thay matches the kurobox pro version (DNS320) but when I lauch this command line of the installation procedure :

            chmod +x twonkyserver twonkystarter twonkyproxy twonkywebdav plugins/* cgi-bin/*

            I have this error :

            chmod: cannot access `twonkywebdav’: No such file or directory

            I still finish the installation procedute but Twonky won’t start ….

            I’m obliged to go back to the 7.0.12 RC1 Special…

            Thanks anyway for your help

  83. Hi,

    Thank you for all of your posts which helped me to install fun_plug and twonky.
    I have the same “chmod: cannot access `twonkywebdav’: No such file or directory” issue when updating to Twonky 7.2.1 on my DNS-320.
    Did anyone figured out how to solve it ?
    Thanks in advance

  84. Hi There

    It worked fine for me. Still have 2 questions:

    – The Release 7.2.1 is out now. Is it possible only to change the zip-file on the line wget … .zip to the never version?

    – What about the Licence; do I need to buy one from Twonky?

    Kindly Simon

  85. those of you getting:

    “chmod: cannot access `twonkywebdav’: No such file or directory”

    I got the same, and I just created the folder (mkdir twonkywebdav), ran the chmod again and continued with the steps in Jordi’s post and Twonky started fine.

  86. Hi Wolf,

    I’ve installed my twonky server few months ago and it was working fine. Yesterday I was trying to change a setting and it froze so upon restarting it, I couldn’t access it or even the settings page on the web interface. Long story short, I’ve deleted the server and fun fonz to start a fresh copy and now on the step where I try to access PuTTy, it always comes back with the error (Network error:Connection refused) I haven’t changed any network or firewall settings on my network so I’m kind of lost here. Can you help please?

  87. I just inserted a new HDD into my DNS-345 but Twonky does seems to recognize it, I can’t see and of the video files on the drive. Is this a simple setting that can be changes in Windows or do I need to re-install Twonky?

  88. Hi have anybody solution to remove twonky. i need reinstall. if i make stop twonky it write no permission. delete any file from twonky folder ->no permision.
    i tried change permision with mc but no permission to change 🙁 thx for reply

    1. Try “chmod” in your searches 🙂 This utility allows you to change permissions on the commandline. If you want to remove twonky (THIS WILL DELETE TWONKY COMPLETELY!), you need to follow these steps:

      chmod a-x /ffp/start/
      sh /ffp/start/ stop
      rm -Rf /ffp/opt/twonky

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Uli,

        really really sorry for the mistake, my bad.

        any suggest for my problem?

        sorry again for my misunderstanding,

  89. Dear members,

    Tks to Uli for the great work but I still got a problem.
    I have a DNS-323 with fun-plug 0.5 installed and I managed to install Twonky 7.0.11 but when I try to start it I’ve got the message: can’t open ffp/start/
    It seems to me that all the files are present, the file ffp/start/ for sure.
    I hope to get the solution and the confirmation that it will run on the old fun-plug.

    Tks, Robert

  90. I have a Western Digital MyBookLive 2 tb nas.
    After a few days of Twonky Server trial
    I paid eur 15 and got a license key.
    Now – after 30 days – I do get this error
    message when accessing my WD MyBookLive nas:
    “Your trial period has expired. Please contact“.
    This page does not exist.
    After upgrading to Twonkyserver 7.2.1 I entered the license key into: ipofnas:9000,
    but the key did not appear there after a
    I had to enter the license key into
    twonkyserver.ini under cd key:
    After that the key is permanently visible on
    ipofnas:9000. page.
    Also have correct login on online
    info page.
    What’s going on ?


  91. I operate a network storage IOmega MDHD320-N.
    It contains a media server compatible for XBox, but apparently not for DLNA, so I cannot access my files from Windows Media Player under Windows7.
    Is it possible to install Twonky on it?
    Will the package for Kuro Box Pro work by any chance?
    And what must I do to make a rollback if it doesn’t?

    1. My previous post appears to have gone, maybe I made a mistake with the confirm procedure. So, next try:

      I operate an IOmega network storage MDHD320-N. This contains a media server comtatible for Xbox, but obviously not for DLNA, so I can’t address my files from the microsoft media player under Windows7.
      Does anyone here know if I can install twonky on my device, and which packages of fun_plug and twonky will I have to use?
      (I hope it might work with the packages for the Kuro Box Pro, but what will I have to do if this fails?)

    2. Update:
      I tried to install fun_plug according to your tut, but after booting the device, no log-file is created and there is nothing that indicates that the script has been executed. So I assume it doesn’t work on the IOmega MDHD.

      I shall buy a new NAS that is compatible to DLNA.

  92. Just installed 7.0.11 special on my DNS-323 – instructions worked perfectly. Bought a license for twonky server 7 but when I try to type the license in the settings screen (accessing the web portal x.x.x.x:9000) I get an invalid key error and my DLNA items show “trial expired”. I hand typed the key, did not copy and paste (from suggestions above). Any thoughts? Can I inject the key in to an ini file so that it will be read at startup.. and which / where would that file be? Thanks.

    1. I had the same problem. It worked from a copy/paste but had to fuss with the pasted screen a bit, then the license boxes suddenly populated and it took the key. The copy I used included the dashes.

      1. Was very strange, but after trying to enter it numerous times, the key finally took. Only problem now every time I reboot my NAS I have to re-enter the key (which takes every time now). Any thoughts on what I would need to save within the linux kernel or anywhere that I can enter the key so it is preserved after a reboot?

        1. i’m having the same problem when i reboot my NAS…..did you find how do we fix it? or which file do we have to change?

          1. FTP to your NAS. Browse to the “/volume_1/ffp/opt/twonky/data” folder. Download the “twonkyserver.ini” from the NAS. Modify the ini file and enter your CD KEY under the #license key field. Load the file back to the NAS overwriting the previous and restart. Seemed to work for me – haven’t had it happen since.

  93. Directions worked for me. Environment is:
    DNS-320 firmware 2.03
    Twonky verson as example:
    Server discovers and displays on:
    Samsung UN32EH5300 smart TV

  94. Thanks Uli,

    The installation passed as expected on DNS-320L with fun_plug 0.7. I am going to check to if I will be able to see the server on my MK808 android tv.

    Thank you once again guys for your tutorials.


  95. please need help on missing file or directory

    inflating: Linux-HowTo.txt
    inflating: radio.m3u
    inflating: TS_7.0_Release_Notes.pdf
    inflating: transcoding.html
    inflating: overview.gif
    unzip: cgi-bin/cgi-jpegscale: No such file or directory

  96. I have the latest 7.2.6 I think running on the DNS-323. All seem to be fine then I installed some other stuff and did a reboot. Now Twonky will not let my drives sleep if I set it to monitor drives for new files. I mean my drives are constantly clicking and grinding, that can’t be the way it is meant to work? I can’t remember if I ever rebooted after the starting the server the first time? But my drives were spinning down and sleeping fine until recently. Anyone else with different experience?

    1. Resolved! Some reason it wouldn’t work that way so I ended up just putting a copy on my Volume_1 root dir and then doing a ‘mv -i’ command to move that file and overwrite the existing one in the /ffp/opt/twonky/ dir. Twonky is finally installed. Now I guess the fun begins…

  97. Thanks so much for the step by step instructions. Worked like a dream on my DNS-323.

    Now my new Samsung TV can see all my media!

    Best regards

  98. Thanks for the tweak, install was as simple as cut & paste. Now let’s see what twonky can offer over the included Dlink UPnP server.

  99. Hi Uli,

    I recently upgraded from Twonky 7.1 to 7.2.6-2, and there’s something weird going on where I can see all the content, but it keeps dropping off the network and reconnecting so that it’s impossible to actually watch anything.

  100. Hi, I have got the media server working as per instructions but cannot stream .mkv files to my smart tv. All other file formats appear to work – could you advise with this?

  101. Could someone explain why .mkv files won’t stream from the media server? All other file types seem to be supported

  102. Hi – I got version 7 up and running on my DNS-321 and works well for a few hours, then it stops working reporting
    root@dlink-0D62A6:~# Write failed: Broken pipe
    it restarts OK every time, any ideas?


  103. OK – my broken pipe I think is my Mac going to sleep on the SSH session, but the twonky going away still occurs – any thoughts?

    no other debug – that I can see


  104. has anyone tried installing 7.3 on their 320 yet and have it working?

    I attempted it the other day, and it installed and seems to run ok but it couldn’t find any media files, was scanning folders ok all day (filepaths changing) but after leaving it all night and while at work, 0 files were found

    just wondered if anyone else had tried and succeeded before i give it another go.

    1. Hi Gavin,

      I am having the same problem as you (with continuous searching, and nothing found).

      Did you make any progress since posting?

      It would be nice to get new version working..


  105. hi there
    if i update the firmware of my d link 320L will that remove the twonky server from it?

  106. I updated the firmware on my DNS-321 from 1.0 to 1.03 and my previously crashing twonky now stays up. All the funplug and twonky installs remained and worked immediately after the firmware update.

  107. I’ve a DNS-320L. Are there any experiences with the update to FW 1.04b08 .
    And which twonky release should work.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. I’ve got a DNS 320L as well. About to try to work it out…

      I’ll let you know how I go. Good luck caustic

  108. My configuration: NAS 320L, Current NAS Firmware Version 1.03,Firmware Date 09/04/2013, “”fun_plug” is running.

    High experts of NAS

    Does anyone actually find a method to install the newest version of
    twonky 7.3 server?
    Or any 7.0.X or higher.

    I really crawled through many “HOTO´s” on sites like NAS-Tweek and related. But all the links to download a TWONKY 7.X are broken.

    Buying a license is not the problem, but what would I get?

    The official Twonky Store is offering a LINUX Version but I don’t know if there is an Arm Version available.
    Unfortunately the only possibility is pay and then follow the download link provided. No chance to precheck the available versions.

    On the other hand I have found a (living) download link for 320L NAS but unfortunately there is no description how to install this piece of soft on the NAS.

    The Downloaded File comes whiteout extenon such as ZIP or TAR and e.g. 7 Zip can´t handle it.

    The file Name is: DNS-320L Twonky Package v2.03_06052014_UA

    This file can be found at
    after free registration.

    The header of the article is: Add-on “TwonkyMedia Server v.7.3-RC4” for D-Link NAS.

    This seems to be the rigt thing. But can anyone explain/explore how to handle???

    Any suggestions are welcome because the Dlink Media server is only recognized from the Mircosoft Mediaplayer which is not a opputunity for me to use. 🙁

    Cheers Hans

  109. Many thanks, Uli,
    For your great support and beautiful ideas.
    A simple brick with HDDs became a real computer.
    Everything work fine NDS-320 + 7.0.11spec

  110. Thank you for all of your guides. I’ve installed Twonky with your help. It works well for english-language movies, but subtitles…

    I’m endlessly frustrated by the lack of support for .mkv across almost every single expensive device I buy. I’m wondering if there is a solution for streaming .mkv files using the DNS-320?

  111. I’ve Twonky Server v.7.0.11 special for a NAS D-LINK DNS 323 with regular license.
    I’ve 2 questions:
    can I update to twonky-dns323 v.8.0.1 or do I have to buy a new license?
    Is there any official procedure to update from the old version to the new one?

    1. I have installed 8.02 on two DNS-325’s and a windows PC. The windows version will take my key fine but the DNS-325’s will say invalid key. Hope they get this fixed

    2. @PippoTwonky

      I have just installed 8.02 on my DNS-323; basically removed funplug using Uli’s method from this page and then reinstalled using

      Two minor tweaks were needed: twonkyproxy and twonkywebdav don’t seem to be part of the 8.02 update so I removed these from the command line. Also the actual .zip file didn’t download properly using ssh but worked in telnet for some reason. Otherwise no issues, entered my license key using the server settings GUI.

      The only problem I’ve noticed since upgrading is that my disks won’t go idle anymore. I have unchecked logging, automatic rescans etc but my disk does not spin down. Grateful if anyone would know how to diagnose / fix this.

  112. I have DNS 320 with Twonky 7.0.11.
    1. Can I upgrade to Twonky 8?. has any one done this and seen any issues
    2. I cant see mkv files on Twonky 7.0.11.. Is there a way to resolve this please>

    thanks in advance

  113. Thanks for the tutorial. I had an old version of Twonky and FFP 0.5. For some reason it all just stopped working on my DNS-323. Thought I would take the opportunity to update it to version 8.0.3 and FFP 0.7 while I was fixing the old box. Worked like a charm and my Twonky Server is now up and running again. Thanks a bunch.

  114. Hi, I’m installing 8.01 on my dns320.. i got it working, but the -1 scantime bug still is an issue. Is there an updated inotify for twonky 8.01?

  115. Hi Uli. I need help. I got stuck at the end. Doesn’t work. Please note that I am not a programmer.

    root@MediaLibrary:/ffp/opt/twonky# [[ $(ls -1 /mnt/grep -c HD_a2) -eq 0 ]] && sed -i -e ‘s!/HD_a2!/HD/HD_a2!g’ -e ‘s!/HD_b2!/HD/HD_b2!g’ /ffp/opt/twonkyserver-default.ini
    ls: cannot access /mnt/grep: No such file or directory
    ls: cannot access HD_a2: No such file or directory
    sed: can’t read /ffp/opt/twonkyserver-default.ini: No such file or directory

    Thank you!!!

  116. hi i have a nas dlink 340L
    i dont see my nas on the list will another nas model be ok to do?

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  118. Hi

    Just installed Twonky Server 8.3 with the installation help above on my D-link DNS-320 with firmware 2.02. Except for that the following line:

    chmod +x twonkyserver twonkystarter twonkyproxy twonkywebdav plugins/* cgi-bin/*

    creates an error because the twonkyproxy and the twonkywebdav doesn’t exist.

    Is there any other files that should be executable for everything to work?

    The reason why I ask is that Twonkyserver doesn’t find any Video files. Under Video it says No media and I have quite a few video files on the NAS.

  119. Hi, guys!
    How can I update media manually from ssh console?
    I set media update to “0” and want to update media manually from console.

    1. I think you will use cron to start Twonky.
      My Twonky doesn’t start automatically when my NAS power off, but if I reboot it, it’s always starts.
      Also you can use android app – SSH BUTTON to create a button to start Twonky from your smartphone without manually connect via ssh.

    2. I think you will use cron to start Twonky.
      My Twonky doesn’t start automatically when my NAS power on, but if I reboot it, it’s always starts.
      Also you can use android app – SSH BUTTON to create a button to start Twonky from your smartphone without manually connect via ssh.

  120. I just want to say thanks to everyone who has put a lot of time and effort into this site. You have revived by dns-323 which was going to go in the bin.

    Thanks X

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