uwchmod: Fix for a issue with the firmware of some D-Link Devices

Since quite a while i am told that certain devices of D-Link have a bug in their firmware. This bug sets chmod 777 on all disks on reboot which prevents the fun_plug on these devices to start properly. SSH-Server is not starting and all other services are started which uses a lot of resources.

To prevent that bug, i have developed a solution which is based on the idea of KyleK My Package replaces /bin/chmod by a script which checks if it is called with 777 and on a directory of the harddisks (/mnt/USB/USB* or /mnt/HD/HD*). If that happens, this is prevented. If the command is a normal one, it is executed.

Important Note: With Non-Dlink-Devices the installation is simply not executed, on these it is no issue to install that script as it simply doesn’t execute.

Now install the package from my repository (Attention: This will fail on OABI Devices as it is not required there! Simply skip this step then!):

slacker -UaA uli:uwchmod

Thats it :)

Hint: If you upgrade your firmware, you need to reinstall the script as it is removed during such a upgrade.

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