Installation of Twonky Server 7 on NAS-devices

German version of this tutorialAfter a few requests i’ve now tried to install Twonky Server 7 on the NAS_Devices and i can tell you that it works. The following article describes the installation. Before you proceed please check here if Version 7.11-Special is still the current version. If not, please add a comment below.

This tutorial requires an installed fun_plug!

Please check if your NAS is listed here and have a look at the package name, you’ll need it below:

NAS-Name Package name of Twonky Server
D-Link DNS-323
Conceptronic CH3SNAS
D-Link DNS-323
D-Link DNS-320
D-Link DNS-321
D-Link DNS-325
D-Link DNS-343
D-Link DNS-345
Conceptronic CH3MNAS
Acer easyStore NAS
Kuro Box Pro

Now go to the download page of Twonky Server, search for the package name and replace the link to the package with the link below after the “wget“-Command. As an example the link for the Kuro box Pro package is placed below. Please execute the following commands in the commandline of your NAS-device:

mkdir -p /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
cd /ffp/opt/twonky
unzip twonky-*.zip
rm twonky-*.zip
chmod +x twonkyserver twonkystarter twonkyproxy twonkywebdav plugins/* cgi-bin/*
wget -O /ffp/start/
wget -O /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini
[[ $(ls -1 /mnt|grep -c HD_a2) -eq 0 ]] && sed -i -e 's!/HD_a2!/HD/HD_a2!g' -e 's!/HD_b2!/HD/HD_b2!g' /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini

Now test if it works:

sh /ffp/start/ start

If this command was executed fine, check port 9000 under the address of your NAS. (e.g. at

If you want to start Twonky on every boot of your device, enable it permanentely:

chmod a+x /ffp/start/

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