Announcement of Ulis repository for fun_plug 0.7

Today i’d like to announce the availability of my packages for ffp 0.7. Since ffp0.7 there is a possiblity to add “sites” where the toole slacker can find packages. It took me a while to create an environment where i can package for ffp 0.7 but now the packages are ready for your usage.

How to add this repository?


The repository can be added quickly using uwsiteloader:

wget -O /ffp/bin/
chmod a+x /ffp/bin/

In the Menu, choose “Uli”:
Ulis site in uwsiteloader


Owner Variant Sitename URL
Uli arm uli rsync://

What can i find in the repository?

As this changes a lot, just take a look into the list here.

About Uli

Uli bought his first CH3SNAS in May 2007. Now he owns several NAS-Devices for the backup and storage of media data.Feel free to visit his Homepage: (German) Did his posts help you? Please consider buying him a coffee (or two)!